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Orange Wednesday's iPhone app

There’s little difference between the Orange and O2 iPhone. And the Orange Wednesdays iPhone app is as close as you can get to a deal breaker between the two. Offering local movie times, reviews and the chance to get your two-for-one cinema ticket code too. So is this freebie worth getting the Orange iPhone for? Read our Orange Wednesdays iPhone app review and find out.

The Orange Wednesdays iPhone app is a nifty little add-on and one that works best if you have an Orange iPhone. If you don’t, you obviously can’t get involved in the two-for-one action. That said, it’s still a great way to get movie times and reviews when you’re on the move, so it’s not completely useless for O2 iPhone owners.

Fire up the Orange Wednesdays iPhone app and it’ll ask for your location, then it’ll give you the nearest cinema showing the flick you want. This gives plenty of options, as well as contact details in case you want to call and book ahead. There’s also a map in case you’re navigationally dense, and need to find exactly where your movie is playing.

But aside from the two-for-one voucher codes, the Orange Wednesdays iPhone app’s biggest draw is its access to trailers for forthcoming flicks. It’s great at this time of year, as all the heavyweights hit cinemas ahead of awards season. We fired up the trailer for The Road, the only issue being the wait for Orange’s 3G network to kick into gear.

As a free iPhone app, it’s hard to find fault with the Orange Wednesdays iPhone app. It’s easy to use and will satisfy all but the most fastidious, arthouse loving buffs. If you’re erring between O2 and Orange for an iPhone, this could be just the extra push that tips you towards the colourful network.

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  • Paul

    This app also works if your a orange broadband customer.

  • toridesign

    when they doing one for android ?

    • Tim

      Surely Blackberry version would be of use to more people? (Yes I am biased )

    • OW App Developer

      It’s on the way. The differing resolutions are the only difference. It will be as good as this one.

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