Scosche iPhone app review Scosche iPhone app review

We love
Slick, simple menu system, and it’s free
We hate
As American as mom’s apple pie, only features Scosche products
If you have no idea what’s available for your iPod or iPhone, this app will come in handy, but it’s too US-centric to be much use to us little islanders
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Scosche iPhone app

The Scosche iPhone app wants to help you. Ok, so it mostly wants to help you spend money, but even after you’ve spent a hefty pile of cash on an Apple device, one of the first thoughts you’re guaranteed to have is ‘what else can I buy for it?’. Whether you want cases, chargers or earphones, the Scosche app will send a few suggestions your way. We check out whether it’s worth a space on your home screen in this Scosche iPhone app review.

The Scosche iPhone app doesn’t just include accessories for your iPhone or iPod. Bizarrely, it has car audio bits and bobs too. However, unless you’re rolling in a Chevrolet or Lexus, it’s not masses of use. The Scosche app is so US-centric that many of the UK’s most popular models aren’t included. The newest Peugeot on show is the 1991 504, for example.

Thankfully, there’s much less of a transatlantic shift in iDevices though. Everything’s included here from the iPhone 3GS to the ancient 1st generation iPod. Using the slick scrolling menu, all you have to do is select your model and the Scosche iPhone app will show you the list of accessories available and how much they cost.

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If you have no idea what’s even available – not such a leap considering the sheer amount of gadgets that have been made for Apple’s range – then the Scosche iPhone app will give you a quick overview. Unfortunately, the US factor rears its head again when you actually head towards buying something.

For starters, all the prices are in dollars and there’s not even an option to display a rough conversion, so you’ll have to get your calculator out if you want to know exactly how much damage a fancy charger can do to your wallet. Heading onto the checkout, the Scosche iPhone app assumes that you’re in the US once again, asking which state you’re in. There’s no ‘Outside US’ option here either.

One of the tabs in the Scosche iPhone app locates nearby dealers, but even after successfully honing in on our location, it couldn’t find any. So, even though this app will show you what’s out there, it doesn’t really make buying the things all that easy – not in the UK anyway. Plus, everything in the app is a Scosche product so don’t go thinking this is a comprehensive accessory guide.

If you do take a shine to the Scosche range then the selection of around 30 product vid links will come in handy, but the Scosche iPhone app doesn’t quite offer the all-in-one solution we were hoping for.

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    I think Scosche iPhone app design looks good because of it’s sleek and simple menu system is very elegant.

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