Beaterator for iPhone review Beaterator for iPhone review

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Touchscreen track creating works well
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Not as powerful as the PSP version
A fun way to create tunes on the fly, though hardcore music heads will be disappointed
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Beaterator for iPhone

Beaterator for iPhone is Rockstar’s first port of a game to Apple’s smartphone sensation. The Sony PSP version was a cracking way to craft jams on the bus, but has it lost any of its rhythm in the transition to touchscreen controls? Read on and find out in our full Beaterator for iPhone review.

At a glance, Beaterator for iPhone has ported well. Using your iPhone or iPod touch in landscape mode, you can jump straight into making new songs by adding eight different loops into each track, or work with the provided templates of suggested  combinations. There are more than 1,000 loops and 18 song templates to work with so you’ll have hours of fun testing everything out from hip hop to Timbaland’s take on UK garage.

If you’re new to any form of music mixing software, professional or game flavoured, you can go ahead and add an extra star to the Beaterator for iPhone review score. It’s a great introduction to lining up loops and learning to hear how a track comes together, and will let you come up with original, head nodding songs surprisingly easily as it does all the timing for you.

The touchscreen controls are responsive, with the song grid laid out perfectly for a small 3.5-inch screen controlled by chubbily finger pokes. Each track is just wide enough to control with a tap, and as soon as you’re ready to record, you just hit the big red button up top.

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Once you’re happy with your sound, you can move to Song mode to edit it together, with loops moving up the screen in time. And when you’re done, you can  upload songs to the Rockstar Games Social Club, the superb social network for all of Rockstar’s game catalogue. But although there’s a Download option in the Beaterator for iPhone main menu, you can’t queue others’ songs up for download just yet: there’s still only the option to download to PSP, which is a letdown, but something Rockstar should amend in time.

Unfortunately, where the PSP version of Beaterator managed to satisfy even hardcore producers with its impressively in depth mixing, letting you tweak all the sounds within an individual sample, Beaterator for iPhone fails to match it. All you can do is mix those loops, then string them together, fading in and out and bunging in a bunch of effects. You can still create some stunning beats this way of course, as the preloaded songs include with the game show. But once you get to a certain stage, you’ll start to notice the limits.

Still, it’s not fair to complain that you don’t get the whole PSP experience when Beaterator for iPhone only costs a fifth of the price. At £2.99, it’s a must for anyone musically inclined, and as fun a way to pass a train journey as listening to anything on the old iPod.

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