dropboxSo you’re all settled down for the big Christmas break. But lo and behold, you’re already bored to tears by re-runs of Only Fools and Horses. So before 2009′s out, make sure you give these 10 killer web services a try. We promise they’ll liven you up after that Turkey binge tomorrow.

Not going to be wearing those Santa socks once the week’s out? Then Sockrush is for you. The idea is simple, yet pure genius. Stump up US$19.99 for a pack of four socks and they’ll be delivered to your door. The best bit? You can have them sent at regular intervals, so you can chuck out old ones as they perish, safe in the knowledge a new pair will soon arrive.

This food delivery service sends parcels of healthy grub to your door, from just £2.99 a pop. The packages are letterbox sized and include nibble or fruit options. You can specify what you fancy or Graze will choose for you. You can tune your packages through the website, and they’ll even drop the posh nosh off at your desk to stop those trips to the vending machine.

Think of Swapgame a bit like Lovefilm for your console. Sign up from just £4.99 a month and you can get unlimited game rentals. Build a list of your most wanted titles, get the ones you want and send back the ones you’re done with, with no late fees. And you can even keep your favourites for a knockdown fee.

Being organised isn’t glamorous, but Dropbox makes it as easy as can be. This free cloud storage solution is ace, working across Mac, PC and Linux. Download it for free, fill it with files and it’ll sync all your content, letting you access it wherever you are. You can even share folders with your pals, so getting photos of your recent holiday passed around is a breeze.

Classic Polaroids are making a comeback in 2010, but if you want to turn your regular snaps into classic instant pics, Rollip is where it’s at. Just upload a picture, choose some vintage effects and you’re away. There are loads of looks to choose from, including classic black and white or pencil drawing to proper fake Polaroid-style yellow hues.

Billed as an “urban mixtape”, Foursquare is a way to tell everyone about the hottest places to hang out in your town. Download the mobile app for iPhone and Android (or use the mobile site), ‘check-in’ at a venue and get deets on what’s going down from other users. Best of all, you get points for visiting new joints and recommending them. In future, venues will be involved too, so you can get discounts if you’re a regular.

purvThe Purveyor
Desperate to sip that unique plonk you had while bumming around Oz last winter? Well The Purveyor can help. It stocks rare wines and spirits from all over the globe that you can’t find in supermarkets and off-licences. Make up your own case of unique of wine or just grab a bottle of single malt to keep your old man happy at New Year.

The art of letter-writing is dying thanks to your predilection for verbose emails. But Snailmailr is handy if you want to ensure you’ve got a raft of printed notes stashed for posterity. Just enter the address you’re sending to, type your lengthy missive and hit go. Snailmailr will do the rest, wraping your words in a real world envelope, sorting postage and sticking your letter in the mail.

We’ve got a real thing for Sendsocial. The idea is ace. Give it the Twitter ID of a pal you want to send a parcel to and it’ll ask them for address details without handing you that info. It’s a great way to give presents, or just weird out your virtual pals with real life goodies. Best of all, Sendsocial’s couriers will deliver door to door, so you needn’t spend hours in the post office queue.

Downloaders’ best friend, Tunechecker is the brain child of Moneysavingexpert’s Martin Lewis. It scans iTunes, 7Digital, Amazon, Play, HMV and Tesco for the best deals on MP3s. And best of all, anyone who dabbles in DRM doesn’t get a look in. So if that Christmas LP is already driving you loco, log on and get downloading at rock bottom prices.

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