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vodafone-iphoneVodafone iPhone next year? Pah. The Big V’s not hanging around until 2010, it’s just unveiled its launch date, and iPhone tariffs. The iPhone on Vodafone hits January 14th. Read on for all the tariff information.

While penny-pinchers will be miffed that a massive price war has yet to errupt, those looking forward to an iPhone on Vodafone have cause for cheer. Vodafone has been trumpeting its network’s reliability in the battle for Apple-fanciers, offering potential customers the first online network checker, and a Vodafone Access Gateway to boost coverage in your own home using a broadband connection.

On the pricing front, Vodafone is offering a £30 per month tariff, similar to Orange and £5 less than O2′s cheapest deal, although to get an iPhone 3G for free you’ll need to spend at least £35 on a 24 month tariff or £40 on an 18 month contract.

In similar style to its rival networks, Vodafone won’t give you a free iPhone 3G S until you fork out £45 a month on contract.

A top-end contract of £70 per month (on 24-month) will get you a free 32GB and a whopping 3000 minutes of talktime.

Vodafone is more generous on the data front though, offering 1GB of browsing, compared to Orange’s 750MB. O2 continues to offer “unlimited” data with the iPhone, although we’ve yet to force an actual number from its spectacularly vague terms and conditions.

Meanwhile, iPhone tethering costs are in line with other networks, at £5 for 500MB and £15 for 3GB.

So what’s special about Vodafone’s deals? It’s the added extras that should get your credit card twitching. Vodafone has thrown in unlimited texts for all but the cheapest 18-month deal, and existing customers will get free Vodafone to Vodafone calls for the life of their contract if they register for pre-order.

The Vodafone iPhone is available for pre-order now, and will also be shipping from Apple, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U.

Out January 14 | From £30 | Vodafone (via FoneHome)

  • skillian

    You’d think competition would affect prices in a more positive way than they have. All these providers now selling the iPhone, yet none really makes a compelling reason for choosing one network over another.

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