Natal-Mylo-12009 was a belter for killer new toys and life-changing web extras. And by the looks of it, 2010 is set to be even better, with everything from Freeview HD to the Apple tablet stoking our gadgety passions over the next year. So without further ado, here’s our pick of the ten best technologies to get het over in 2010.

mac-tablet-1Apple tablet
2009′s most hyped gadget is set to be 2010′s biggest. The rumour mill has the Apple tablet pegged for a first quarter release. Expect a radical new gadget, aimed at smashing the eBook dominance of the Kindle and Sony Reader, as well as boosting our connectivity with apps and a full Mac-style computer on board.

sony-walkman-e-seriesSony Online Service
Details of Sony’s iTunes rival, currently dubbed the Sony Online Service, slipped in November. Its 2010 release will see a full Apple baiting effort, with eBooks, music, movies and apps all being sold for Sony’s myriad gadgets. If you’ve got a PS3, Sony Reader or Walkman, it’s time to get excited.

chrome-logoGoogle Chrome OS
Having had its official unveiling in 2009, Google Chrome OS is expected to start shipping on a raft of netbooks by the end of next year. The always on, cloud-based operating system promises to give Microsoft and Apple a major headache, changing how regular folk think about computers forever.

kodakKodak’s camera surprise
Kodak spilt the beans to us earlier this year about an all new camera it’s got lined up for CES in Las Vegas, in the first week of January. The new snapper is said to be a headline grabber in waiting, with gadget fans desperate to see what the photography top dog has planned. We’ll have all the news as it happens.

sony-3d3D TV goes mainstream
At last. 2010 will be the year that 3D TV finally comes of age, with 3D TVs moving off the showroom floor and into living rooms. Sony’s 3D Bravia is set for spring, with the Sky 3D channel following soon after, as part of its Sky+HD service. (Relatively) cheap 3D TVs will be yours to own come this time next year.

windows-7Windows Mobile 7
Less than a year after Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Mobile 7 is getting ready for rollout. The new OS, which has been leaked extensively, promises even less of those pesky menus, more finger-friendly integration and a much sleeker UI. Here’s hoping the Big M can get it right this time round.

It’s been talked up for years, but the 4G network will at last start making waves towards the end of next year. Promising speedier web access, better coverage and improved roaming, 4G should be in new phones within 12 months. But previous slippages show we should be cautious about even better mobile connectivity.

Natal-Mylo-1Project Natal
Microsoft had to gag its own CEO after he let slip that Project Natal was coming next year. And insiders have since suggested the controller-less system will drop in November 2010 with 14 games up for grabs. Chuck in a rumoured price tag of around £50 and this could be THE gadget of 2010.

motion-controlSony Motion Control
It’s not just Microsoft that’s looking to cash in on casual gamers. Sony Motion Control is also due in 2010, hitting shelves in March if gossip mongers are on the money. The Wii-alike system, unveiled at E3, packs better accuracy than its Nintendo rival, not to mention a rather bizarre ball up top.

freeviewFreeview HD
Just in time for next year’s World Cup, Freeview HD will at last let those without Sky or Freesat get in on the hi-def action. The new boxes are due to rollout in the New Year, with BBC, ITV and Channel 4 all touting HD services for you to get tucked into. Watching England crash out in the quarter finals has never looked so good!

  • Jenko

    The Apple Tablet: I think it will be an e-book reader, but not a full Mac. It will use the ARM type of processor, just like the iPhone, so it should function more like an iPhone than a Mac. The ARM will give it longer battery life than a regular Mac. It will be good for surfing the web and doing simple things.

    Windows Mobile 7 won’t be released in 2010. Microsoft has said it will come out right at the end of 2010. But when has a Microsoft estimate been right, this far out. It will run late. Be released in 2011, and be the last Microsoft phone OS, before Microsoft exits the phone business.

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