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ThundreThundre is a quirky new bit of mobile shopping software that’s just gone live in time for when you might need it most: last minute Christmas stockpiling! It’s an augmented reality product finder for Android and iPhone, and we put it to the test today, hunting down potential pressies in London’s Covent Garden.

Thundre calls itself an “augmented reality product finder”: it works through Layar, which shows information related to buildings and locationgs around you as your surroundings through your phone’s camera. Thundre lets you search for a product type within a specific range, and pulls them up on a radar, so you can find the nearest stockist.

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Trying it out with a backpack, we quickly tracked down a mountaineering store, and walked in already knowing the name and price of the rucksack. It’s an interesting idea, especially if you’re in a shopping centre and need to know where to find one exact item, rather than just a shop likely to sell it.

Thundre is certainly far from perfect: its visual guide to a product, shown by a big shopping bag on the screen in Layar, has little to do with reality or direction, so it’s much easier just to choose the Show On Map option to fire up Google Maps. It also doesn’t pull up product details and pricing from a picture, as the Amazon iPhone app does, but Thundre says this is something it may introduce in time.

But since Thundre’s free on iPhone and Android, there’s no reason not to search for it on Layar now, and try it out for yourself – it might come in handy if you’ve yet to sort everything for the 25th!

Out Now | £free | Thundre and Layar

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