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Sony PS3The Sony PS3 will support the incoming 3D Blu-ray format, it’s official. If you’ve got Sony’s HD console under your telly, you won’t have to change Blu-ray boxes to get the extra dimension. If you’ve got a current gen stand alone Blu-ray player, though, you may be out of luck: read on for the details.

The Blu-ray Disc Association has just announced that it’s completed the spec for 3D Blu-ray standards, and the PS3 will be compatible with it, so Sony’s console can sling movies in 3D 1080p. The new 3D Blu-ray spec will work with any 3D displays, be they LCD, plasma, or projection, ramp up to full HD, and allow for 2D playback on current and 3D players. The spec also allows for 3D Blu-ray menus and navigation.

How your living room will go 3D in 2010

But here’s the catch. While the PS3 has the graphical horsepower to stream two different 1080p video feeds at one time, one for each eye for the 3D effect, most current Blu-ray players don’t. In other words, if you have a stand alone Blu-ray player, you’ll not only have to buy a new 3D TV, but a 3D Blu-ray player too to get the full experience.

There’s no release date for the first 3D Blu-ray players and discs, but we have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be seeing a lot of demoes at CES next month. We’ll be there, donning goggles to test them out for you, so keep it locked right here.

Out TBC | £TBC | Blu-ray Disc Association

The PS3 is the only Blu-Ray console; get the latest film releases in HD at the LOVEFiLM website. They also have a great new service to watch movies on demand so check it out now.

  • Stewart

    Nice. My PS3 purchase is paying dividends. Not only did it have the best games in 2009 according to IGN and Metacritic, it also has by far the best exclusives looking forward too.

  • Patrick

    I say sod 3D. I’m paying extra for HD and still there is not many programs on sky that are in HD.
    Its one big con. Well sir you need a new tv and new Blu-ray player etc etc. and you need to re-buy your fav films again to get them in 3D. But I guess you can just say NO thank you. But no everyone will have to get one as its the Next New thing.
    I do not own a PS3 but I have a Sony HDR SR10e which needs a Blu ray to play the DVD’s that it can sort of make. So looks like a PS3 for me soon..
    What a Joke. And yes I do have an upt odate pc with Windows 7 upgrade on it. Core 2 Duo 2.6ghz etc etc

    • Ben Sillis

      I hear you. It’s a huge up-sell for something the jury is still out on being beneficial to your movie experience – especially if you wear strong glasses. I think we’ll see 3D taking off in gaming before it really expands beyond CGI kids films and James Cameron’s Fern Gully with guns..

  • jajay

    im confused… do u need a new 3d tv even if u hav a ps3 already… i just went and bought a hd ready tv, so will i now need ANOTHER new tv???do u kno what im hearing? “Con… i am a giant CON…”

    • James Holland

      Unfortunately, yep, you’ll need a 3D TV. Don’t worry too much though – it’ll be years before 3D is properly mainstream. Your new TV is just fine for now!

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