Google Nexus OneGoogle’s Nexus One could be set to get them in trouble with the estate of Philip K.Dick. Nexus-6 robots were the replicants at the heart of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? which became Blade Runner. Dick’s heirs aren’t happy that Google seems to have borrowed the name.

That Google has named what may be its first own-brand Android phone after characters in Philip K.Dick’s sci-fi fits well with the company’s geeky sense of humour. But unlike the Motorola Droid which licenses its name from Star Wars kingpin George Lucas, it seems Google hasn’t spoken to Dick’s family.

Google has not officially announced the Nexus One (although it admitted it existed on its blog) but the Nexus One name has popped up in filings to the US Federal Communications Commission.

Isla Dick Hackett, Philip K Dick’s daughter is the president of Electric Shepherd Productions which handles licensing of her father’s work. She’s not happy with Google: “We were never consulted, no requests were made and we didn’t grant any sort of permissions.”

Google has declined to comment on the device’s name but Ms Hackett has said she’s discussing the issue with her lawyers. She has also made it clear she’s open to discussions with the search giant: “It’s certainly something we would have been happy to discuss and interested in exploring. They only needed to reach out.”

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