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There’s a chance you’re going to take a tumble if you’re heading to the Alps this winter in search of some extreme skiing or snowboarding action. So rather than return with your upper body in bits, you’re going to need something like Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure. Is this hardcore armour worth investing in? Or just for the very best in the business? Read our Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure review and find out.

The Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure is undoubtedly a top notch piece of kit and as such, is aimed right at those who’ll be flinging themselves off dangerous runs and rocky outcrops, not chugging down beginners slopes before retiring to the bar.

It means that while the protection it affords through pads for your shoulders, chest and arms is excellent, it’s not the first port of call if this is your first armour purchase. The Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure isn’t going to be as necessary as basic leg and lower back protection, which you should definitely be looking at ahead of this clobber.

That’s not to say it isn’t excellent. The meshed material easily absorbs nasty blows and will cushion even the hardest impacts when you come off your skis or your snowboard. And because it has a honeycomb design rather than full-on plastic, it’s breathable and doesn’t cause you to sweat like a beast when you’re kicking it on the piste.

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That said, while it is flexible and straps onto your regular clothes, the Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure isn’t comfortable. But then no armour is. If this is your first time buying armour, we’d suggest looking at something cheaper for body parts more likely to take a hit. If not, the Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure is a worthy addition to your snowboarding wardrobe.

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