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Tumblr BoothTumblr Booth is a brand new feature on microblogging site Tumblr, that makes photo sharing a one click job. It hooks straight up to your computer’s webcam and lets you post as soon as you fire the shutter, taking its cue from users already using their webcams to share pictures with the world.

It’s a smart move, and makes Tumblr even more useful than it already is. Read on, and see what else is in store for Tumblrs.

Not stumbled across Tumblr before? It’s an ultra-simple blogging site used to share pictures, video, audio and quotes. Set up a Tumblr blog now, and when you choose the Photo icon, you’ll see a “Take a photo!” option underneath.

Give it a prod and you’ll fire up the Tumblr Booth, a feed from your webcam. Just hit Snap Photo to shoot, add a caption and you can publish straight away, with no need to mince around in directories looking for webcam photos.

The Tumblr team added the Tumblr Booth feature after unearthing some surprising stats about the cameras used by bloggers. Where the iPhone and entry level DSLRs dominate Flickr, Apple Photo Booth, the software used to control Mac webcams, towers above anything else in use. Clearly, plenty of Tumblrs like to take shots of strange stuff at their desk, or their own faces, so the new Tumblr Booth should make charting office pranks even easier.

The Tumblr Booth is ready to try now. Signing up takes all of 20 seconds, so head on over to the site, claim your username and give it a whirl.

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