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Dell Studio 17 laptop adds multitouch screen skills

The Dell Studio 17 has just been given the touchscreen treatment, and had a mutlitouch display bolted on to make use of all those fun Windows 7 gestures. Read on for the full details.

The Dell Studio 17 joins the small but growing number of notebooks with a multitouch display, capable of recognising up to four digits at once for quick swooping through software and turning your laptop into an easy to use media machine for flicking through slideshows and cropping pics on the fly.

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Under the bonnet, the multitouch Dell Studio 17 sports an Intel Core 2 Duo processor used to power through Windows Home 7 Premium, though as with most Dell rigs, you can tweak the specs on its UK site before ordering.

Alongside the Dell Studio 17, the Inspiron One 19 all-in-one desktop has been given the multitouch panel works too, although at £499, it’s pitched more along the lines of an Eee Top than a HD powerhouse like the pricey Medion Touch.

The Dell Studio 17 multitouch is out later this month with price still TBC, while the Dell Inspiron One 19 with the Midas multitouch is available to order now.

Out TBC | £TBC | Dell

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