Samsung HMX-U10 review Samsung HMX-U10 review

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Small, good quality video, takes stills
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Not that user friendly, poor quality stills
Impressive specs, but hampered by lacklustre performance
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Samsung HMX-U10

Samsung’s HMX-U10 is the latest rival to the Flip, and comes packing 1080p video quality and stills imaging to the budget camcorder war. But is it enough to dethrone the current champ of cut-price camcorders? Find out in our Samsung HMX-U10 review.

Convenience. That’s the name of the game with these camcorders. And before even starting up the Samsung HMX-U10, you know it’s lost a couple of points on the Flip. For a start it needs an SD card to record onto, and while a high capacity card will give you more space than the Flip’s on-board memory, it does add cost and detracts from the convenience of a shooter with built-in storage. It also needs a USB cable – not a massive hassle, but less user-friendly than the Flip’s flick out connection.

But let’s look on the bright side. The HMX-U10 is less bulky than the Flip thanks to these differences, being shorter, lighter and slimmer. And it’s got stills shooting to boot (10-megapixels each, no less) – something lacking from all of the Flips. Although with a sluggish shutter speed meaning most shots are blurred, and no flash, it feels like a bit of an afterthought rather than a genuinely useful feature.

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The U10′s controls aren’t very well thought out either. Instead of buttons, you touch your thumb on a touchpad, so rather than continuously hitting a button to zoom, adding judder to your filming, you just hold it. A good idea, but it doesn’t work every time, so you do end up pressing over and over again, defeating the aim.

The U10’s 1080p video quality is very good, but not really noticeably better than the Flip Ultra HD’s 720p. And sharing vids and pics to YouTube, Flickr or via email is a doddle, using the bundled software. But an HD camcorder with no HDMI port? What?

This is a bit of a disappointment. On paper it looks cracking, with higher resolution video, stills, and it’s cheaper than the Flip. But these camcorders are about usability rather than pure power, and on that the U10 falls down.

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  • Hanny M

    When i frist time saw U10, I thought it was a MP3 or sth.
    But it was a camcorder. i couldnt really believe that fact!

    U10 was great. Their function was so nice and the lens was so clear as well!
    It is better than i thought before.
    And it is small so easy to carry anywhere you go~

    U10 is great.
    it will make you happy:)

  • Cat

    U10 looks so compact. I will check it out at BestBuy this weekend.

  • Jessie

    U10 is being so popular nowadays. U10 is great and i dont regret with it. Its very comfy to use and easy to carry. nice:)

  • mya_s

    People keep saying it’s not as good as kodak pocket camcorder but I think U-10 stands out on its own… the video is clear, much to my surprise after reading tons of review of how bad it could be but again, I still believe in making U-10 as my pocket camcorder!

  • Jessica H

    U10 is so great! i cant stop writing reviews about it:D becuase it makes me so so so happy.

    wow 2010 is coming and i guess you’d better prepare THIS and make a great Happy 2010:)

  • babyM

    U10 is more than you thought, more than you imagined and more than anything else. :)
    I think you should try once then you will feel then agree with me! U10 is just so good:)
    i strongly recommand it to you!

  • Sunny

    U10 is very convenient for everyone! It is very light and small?
    I couldn’t believe that before I bought it.
    But nowadays I’m telling everyone that U10 is the best camcorder ever!

  • Sophie

    U10 is so so so good nowadays

    all my friends have it!

    it will be the most famous camcorder among us.

  • Teddy

    U10 is so handy and light!

  • Anonymous

    A good design with some fun features, but its sensor generates lots of noise in lowlight conditions and 1080p video is bloated. The Samsung Hmx U10, is a step up to any hybrid, it has a touch pad, and very sensitive to the finger.

    Samsung c3300

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