Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 review Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 review

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Looks great, QWERTY pad
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Touchscreen is poor, Windows Mobile
A nice enough Windows Mobile phone, but Samsung can't hide the Big M's mobile OS's flaw
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Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

Put bada to the back of your mind chaps. Because before Samsung’s multitouch friendly OS lands in 2010, the Korean giant has some Windows Mobile business to attend to with the sleek Samsung Omnia Pro B7610. Can this business blower give you that cutting edge in the office? Read our Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 review and we’ll give you the fully skinny.

There’s no denying the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 is a bit of a looker. Sammy has once again opted to slap a lush AMOLED panel onto one of its smartphones, so once it’s fired up, the 480×800 screen looks an absolute peach. And that’s not all. While it’s undoubtedly a chunky monkey at 15.9mm, the slide out QWERTY doesn’t detract from its overall style.

In fact, the QWERTY is arguably the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610′s biggest draw. It slides out with a reassuring thunk and we found the keys particularly responsive while we were bashing out curt emails and IMs to our mates while we should have been getting down to business.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610′s touchscreen. While we can appreciate the inclusion of a resistive effort, it’s sluggish and failed far too often to register our prods and pushes. It begs the question why Samsung has bothered to include it when other business phones can do without when there’s a QWERTY on board.

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And then there’s the operating system. Yes Windows Mobile 6.5 is an improvement on 6.1 and its productivity suite is top notch for editing and writing docs on the move. In fact, we had no complaints when it came to using the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 for essential office tasks.

Yet no matter how hard Samsung tries to hide its nasty menu system behind a TouchWiz style UI, a few pushes and you’ll soon be infuriated by the touchscreens inability to let you into the action behind those infuriatingly small icons and menus.

In all, the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 is a neat enough Windows Mobile device. But if you’re after a new phone for work, we’d definitely recommend the BlackBerry Bold 9700 instead.

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  • Eric

    Announced on 6.5 but sell with only 6.1. And Samsun haven’t envisaged a update

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