Cello iViewer TVThe Cello iViewer TV could soon offer Sky Player TV streaming alongside BBC iPlayer, Cello Electronics has revealed to us. Want to watch the Ashes but don’t want a dish? Read on for the details on what this IPTV budget box could soon do.

We got to test out the Cello iViewer web connected TV this morning, and if you saw our hands-on snaps and first impressions, you’ll know how impressed we were by its user friendly design. But BBC iPlayer isn’t the only UK broadcaster on-demand it will offer: Cello is looking to pipe Sky Player through too.

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We spoke to Mark Perry, CEO of Cello Electronics, about future additions to the service, and he confirmed that Cello was “in negotiations with Sky” to bring Sky Player to the Cello iViewer, although nothing has been signed yet.

Perry couldn’t confirm any timeframe for Sky Player, but we’d love to see it on the Cello iViewer TV. It’s a low priced HDTV, so it’s ideal as a second box for the bedroom or kitchen, and if you’re already a Sky subscriber, it would mean no extra fiddling with boxes, just plug in and watch.

We’ll be sure to let you know as and when the appropriate letters are crossed and dotted on a Cello iViewer and Sky Player contract.

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