Remember Google Goggles from yesterday, the new see and search feature the big G’s been trying out on Android phones? Do you want to see how it works? Click on through for a hands on video.

Google is pushing Visual Search as a simple way to get info on where you are – just take a snap of your location and it’ll attempt to recognise where you are and send back relevant search results.

But that’s not all – you can search for a book just by taking a photo of the cover or even scan in business cards and add the details to your address book.

There’s even an augmented reality application that will overlay details of local businesses on the video image if you point the camera at shops or restaurants when you’re out and about.

Sounds like some kind of voodoo, but here’s a video showing it actually working. Pretty cool, huh?

If that wasn’t all good enough – it’s actually available now. Just fire up Android Market on you phone and search for Google Goggles.

Out TBC | £TBC | Google

  • toridesign

    yer im looking on my phone in the market place but it isnt ther

  • Jp

    Same, it’s not on the UK marketplace – perhaps only in the US?

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