Apple iPhone 3GSApple has killed over 1000 iPhone apps created by a developer who gamed the iTunes App Store by submitting fake reviews.

The iPhoneography blog first highlighted reams of five-star reviews for apps made by Molinker which all appeared to be written in extremely similar (and grammatically awful) style.

iPhoneography submitted its evidence to Apple’s Phil Schiller asking him to look into the case.

All of Molinker’s 1011 applications were removed from the iTunes App Store and iPhoneography received an email from Schiller himself confirming the cull.

Schiller said: “This developer’s apps have been removed from the App Store and their ratings no longer appear either.” Looks like he’s taking clues from Steve Jobs’s terse email style.

Apple has banned apps before and reversed bans but this time it looks like it’s curtains for Molinker. That’s hardly a bad thing if it means the App Store has less bad apps, there’s enough to choose from already.

Also: why not take a look at the iPhone apps Phil Schiller does like.

Out now | £free | Apple (via iPhoneography)

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