Update: Apple has just released iTunes 9.0.3. Does this fix your iPod? Tell us now

After weeks of silence, Apple has officially told us it’s looking into the myriad iTunes 9 syncing issues iPod classic and nano owners have been complaining about to us. An Apple spokesman contacted us this morning, stating, “We are aware of the issue and are investigating.”

It’s a marked change from Cupertino’s previous stance, with the world’s biggest jukebox purveyor saying it had no comment on our previous reports of readers’ struggles in syncing iPods with iTunes 9.

iTunes 9: iPod classic syncing issues persist

You’ve continued to tell us about your problems with iTunes 9. Hopefully Apple’s investigations will solve any syncing issues and give your iPod a new lease of life.

Have you been affected by iTunes 9 syncing issues? Tell us now and we’ll take your complaints to the top. Make sure you give us as much detail as possible, including model name and when you bought it.

  • JohnH

    Where do I go to get back the 30+ hours that I’ve spent screwing around with what they won’t admit is a problem.

    I have a meeting today with an Apple Genius. Will be sure to let you know how that goes.

  • T

    This is why I have always manually synced my iPods.

    • Sponge

      Does the problem occur only with automatic syncing? I also have always used manual syncing, but it’s not been clear to me whether or not the problem would still occur. The articles and comments I’ve read seem to use “sync” and “syncing” in a fairly generic way, not mentioning the manual approach. I’ve been hesitant to hook up my Classic for just this reason.

      • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

        The vast majority of tips we’ve had from readers are about automatic syncing. In fact, some readers managed to fix the problem by uninstalling iTunes, reinstalling an older version and using their iPod in manual mode. That said, if you’re nervous it might be best to hold off.

        • Aria

          I manually sync my ipod, and its having the same issues. I can’t even sync long enough to RESTORE it, after taking five or six tries to get itunes to recognize it.

          Can’t edit playlists, add music, restore settings. THE moment it syncs, it disconnects it. Continued doing it even after trying to move back to itunes 8.

          Plus, the music is CONTINUING to get corrupted. Songs I could listen to when i first noticed I couldn’t sync, the device now skips as corrupted.

          I can access maybe 1/3 of the music on my 80 G ipod classic. I have put at least 10 hours into trying to fix it, before I stumbled onto the giant customer service thread that showed others were having my issues too. Everything thats been recommended, I’ve tried. No luck.

          Worst yet? The update came out in, what, September? I only JUST installed it and got these problems a WEEK or so ago! Shouldn’t they have put a warning in the update thing “if you have an ipod classic, do not use this update”? MONTHS after the fact?

    • Bindu

      Hi, I did the manual syncing..even with this, my ipod classic doesn’t sync with itunes 9. well..it syncs initially then it freezes my laptop and then leading to the ipod restore. i don’t know how many times i did the restore, and reinstalling itunes, tried different computers..nothing worked…

  • Tee Cee

    I have a Ipod Nano 8GB, which has been working perfectly since 2007.
    I upgraded to iTunes version 9.0 two weeks ago and now I’m unable to sync.
    I’m using a Mac which doesn’t even register when I plug the Nano in !!!

    Very frustrating as an upgrade is normally designed to improve things, not make them worse. I was thinking of purchasing an iPod Touch this christmas, however I will return this site to see if Apple have bothered to respond to it’s loyal and valuable customers before I do so.

    Meanwhile I will just have to make do with the selection of songs I currently have on my Nano…..

    • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

      Thanks for the update Tee Gee. We’ve given Apple regular updates and everyone letting us know has provided detailed information, so we’ll let you know how it pans out soon.

  • William Dix

    I have an Ipod classic 80gb. I’m on my second round of restoring it from scratch in 4 days.

    Problem seems to present itself when you plug the ipod into my windows XP system.

    First time you plug in IPOD is working ok.

    Then you get a message about unrecognizable ipod. (I’ve ran into this with version 8 of itunes unplugging and reconnecting ipod usually resolved it The same cannot be said with itunes 9)
    Then it tells you need to restore the ipod.
    Then itunes freezes up. (At least in windows XP)
    Then the next thing that happens is you hear a couple of loud clicks from ipod which promptly goes into recovery mode.
    I’ve had to restore my ipod 5 times since itunes 9 came out in September and I’m currently in midst of my 5th restore as I type this..

    • Rodeo

      i to have called and talked to a Apple service consultant. He walked me threw on how to set it up and put the ipod (classic 80G) into Disk mode. He even sent me an email on how to completely get rid of any of the six programs that come with installing iTunes. I have done this now 4 times and nothings seems to be working. I to have the Windows XP i would be great if apple would fix this issue..i mean come on they make plenty of money off of us Apple itunes users that they can take care of this issue quick.

  • Nuno Cunha

    I have an Ipod Classic 160GB. Windows 7 recognizes the IPOD, Itunes 9 is initialized correctly (I can see my IPOD there), it starts synching, but a few seconds later it stops and it disconnects. It apears to have synchronized all the music when it didn’t do anything.
    I simply can’t update my IPOD.
    I’ve already tried to uninstall Itunes 9, installed Itunes 8 but it doesn’t matter. It’s the same issue all over again. I just hope Aple is able to solve this annoying problem in a near future…

  • Ray Tabique

    I have uninstalled iTunes and refuse to launch it until there is a fix. I have close to 24,00 songs and can barely get 1000 songs on my iPod after numerous re-formats. And awful clicking from my ipod.

    I’ve read on another site that the removal of palm pre sync may have caused the crippling of the iPod classic. Which is a new theory for me.

    Apparently the palm pre imitates an iPod classic in order to sync. Any one else heard this?

  • angela

    I synced my 30G classic ipod up and itunes asked to update the software. I agreed and after the software update all of my songs had been wiped from my ipod! Here’s how though: when I scrolled through my ipod playlist, all of the music looked to be intact, but when I clicked play, it kept skipping to the next song and did it for every song in my library. When I synced it up again to investigate, instead of having nearly 30G filled, it showed as only having <40mb space used!! So now I have to resync everything again!!!

  • C.K.

    After my recent purchase of the new 3rd Gen ipod touch I was at first very happy with it. Then very quickly though I started having issues with itunes, of which there are too many to list here. There is however one standout issue that is very frustrating to say the least; every time I add a new album from itunes( to my ipod, a completely different album’s artwork either gets deleted off or mixed up with another albums cover? But when right clicking on the “messed up artwork” album in itunes and clicking “get info” it shows that the artwork is still correct/original, so it is only then on the ipod that the wrong/missing artwork is being displayed?? I see on various forums that this problem persists with even the latest itunes update??? Help! (please)

  • Tiago

    It gives error 13001 when ending the sync process with my iPod Touch 2nd generation, and it doesn’t sync songs when that happends. I couldn’t sync any scince this started. I’m desperate. HELP!

  • christian

    i have a video ipod and i thought it was just me. everytime i try to sync it the stupid itunes freezes…it’s f***ing my computer up since it freezes and doesn’t shut down properly. i hate itunes!

  • http://kkjewelry.com karen

    I manually sync and still have the “not” syncing problem. It is not just with automated syncing. Hope they resolve this soon. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong until umpteen hours of investingating find out it is an Apple problem since I reluctantly updated to 9! I may too switch to a zune.

  • Louis Simon

    I am glad that Apple has somewhat acknowledged the literally thousands of complaints on various forums, including their own, about iTunes 9 deleting songs and not syncing with the iPod classic. If they can’t resolve this soon I might just ditch Apple entirely and go with a zune. This is ridiculous. And nothing will give me back the time I’ve lost trying to get my 80gig Classic to work since installing iTunes 9. I am really upset and angry about this. Also, I have the same problem another user posted earlier here about the messed up album artwork. Since iTunes 9 wrecked my iPod I also get the wrong artwork for albums: a Beatles song shows up with album art by The Bad Plus, etc. Apple deserves to lose a lot of money over this. I really think this was a deliberate attempt to destroy iPod classics so that people would go out and buy new ones in their desperation., Apple’s reputation has been permanently tarnished by this incident and it seems like they don’t really care that much. They now appear to be another rotten corporation deliberately ruining their own equipment in order to rip off customers. F*%k you, Apple!

  • Charlie

    I’ve owned my 80GB classic since March 2008. I didn’t sync my ipod for about 6 months, as my laptop was stolen, and it took me time to replace it, swap my music over from my external ard drive etc. Anyway. I upgraded to itunes 9, and plugged in my ipod… and then everything went wrong! My ipod was not found in itunes, so I have gone through the 5Rs numerous times. I have now downgraded to itunes 8…. Now my ipod is always identified as corrupted and in need of restore. When itunes finishes the restore, the ipod never shows up in the lefthand tool bar and itunes simply prompts me to restore again. I’m not a technical person, and to make matters worse, I am currently working in a small town in rural Africa… Great that ElectricPig has got Apple to recognise the issue. I’ll be watching this space!

  • Devin MacGregor

    Holy crabcakes batman!!!! I have been sitting here for over a week trying to get my 160 classic to FINALLY reboot. I used to sync it with a PC and once I sync I leave it alone because well it is a 160. I spent weeks with additional albums of my on an external drive getting files names shortened. I have playlists nested more to make scrolling faster instead of having to scroll through 260+ artists for one genre alone. Spent weeks doing that. Hooked it to an iMac, restored it. Synced it up selecting what I want since I have 151 GB of current stuff. It takes far more than 12 hours just to put 140 gigs on it. After all that done, it does not reboot. Just get the apple. Do the reset thing. No different. Now I was getting a loud clacking noise so this Sunday took it to the Apple Store and they replace it with one on Tuesday. Nothing else has changed other than the clacking noise is gone. If I put the iPod in disk mode I can play what is on it through iTunes which is version 9. None the less when I disconnect it never reboots.

    Yesterday I stopped the sync at 11000 tracks and it did reboot. So I thought maybe I have too many folders. I have duplicate playlists. So one folder is by band while the other is by year. By band I made an A folde, a B folder, etc then thought well gee I will make an A-B- folder and put those three folders in that, etc. For the year I put all the folders for the 60s in a 60s folder, 70s etc. I just backed off of that and have the single letter folder and year folder.

    I am just a tad pissed since each time to sync this takes a day. I am going on vacation as this is my last day meaning I will have to take this drive home to where I do not have a Mac and redo my playlists on my PC after making sure iTunes on my PC is version 8 if that is the fix.

  • Barbara

    What to do in the meantime? Just sit back & wait?

  • Ruth

    I have a 6th gen iPod Classic (80GB) which worked absolutely fine until I upgraded to iTunes 9.

    iTunes 9 told me the iPod was corrupt and I had to restore it. Since then I can sync and transfer files to the iPod only up to around 13GB and then it just hangs. All I can imagine is that the iTunes 9 firmware used during the forced restore has made my iPod unable to read the bad sectors that may exist on my hard drive.

    I’m going to take it to a shop in the next couple of days and ask to speak to the manager about this. It is not acceptable that we are forced to used iTunes, forced to update and then forced to corrupt our functioning hardware. I will be fighting this with Apple until something is done.

    • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

      Thanks for letting us know Ruth – let us know how you get on at the shop, and try to keep hold of your temper!

  • Daniel

    I have been having syncing issues as well. I have an 80gig ipod classic 6th gen and it will sync and is recognized by iTunes until it has synced about 13gigs. At this point the syncing starts to slow down dramatically and then it freezes and eventually a error report about the ipod being corrupted comes up. There must be something in the firmware that causes the ipod firmware to become corrupt after syncing 13 gigs at least on mine… just something I noticed not sure if its the isolated or not but only after 13 gigs does it start to corrupt I can write under 30 gigs and it will work just fine but anything more and it corrupts it. I don’t know if my case is isolated or not if anyone else has been having the same problem please share.

  • Janice

    I am having the same problem, but with one of the first gen 8 gig iPhones (purchased ~July, 2007) – I have not been able to sync successfully since September. Whenever I plug in my phone to sync, iTunes will start up, but within 30 seconds or so everything completely freezes up and I have to shut down iTunes completely. I have treid all the various solutions suggested (reload, restart, etc.), and nothing has worked. As with everyone else, I’m very frustrated and tempted to replace my iPhone if I can’t resolve the issue.

  • Steve Gatens

    The issues I have been having had been driving me insane, up until I now find that there are many folks in the same boat! I have an iPod classic 120gb which was purchased as a gift to me in August this year! I had transferred my album collection to iTunes 8 manually transferring the 87Gigs worth of songs to my iPod as I went along. (This took some time.) I then purchased an expensive iDock to play it on and all appeared to be fine. I then decide to remove the itunes library from my HDD as it was taking up to much space on my 300gig drive(Big mistake) Anyways I decided to import a couple of other CDs and got introduced to upgrade to iTunes 9 This I did and was pleased to see layout. However that was the start of the nightmare. I kept having to reset my iPod on each connection until such times that I kept getting asked to restore! Yikes! After a couple of weeks pondering this idea, I finally bit the bullet and restored, therefore loosing all data and having to repopulate my library again. I had purchased an external HDD for the purpose. So I started again an all seemed fine for the first 10gb. Then I connected and iTunes would not recognise my iPod. Tried to restore (Knowing I now had backup) But now I get the message from windows saying that some files are probably corrupted. And this on an iPod that would appear to only have the operating system installed.
    Connecting my iPod now appears to open up part of iTunes and then freezes my computer! with nothing happening.
    I have tried resetting(Nothing happens there. I cannot get into disk on My Computer. Or it takes forever. only for windows to say that it cannot access files)
    This is a ridiculous situation to be in. I thought that the iPod was a marvel for the first couple of weeks of ownership. However over the last few months it is nothing but a misery. With a lot of time being wasted on trying to fix something that does not allow access!

  • Tony Moore

    Ipod Classic 120GB Windows 7 x64
    Some of my music has corrupted on the ipod whilst syncing, have also lost the ability to use controls wirh docking devices and cannot record from my usb turntable

  • Corinne

    About a week ago, my 80gb IPod Classic worked just fine with Itunes 9, and would never have any problems automatically syncing music from my computer (runs Windows XP) to my IPod. Last night all of the sudden, plugging in my IPod would induce my computer to freeze, and would force me to manually shut down my computer. I was disappointed to read the Apple help forums and find that many other people are having this same problem, but no solution to be found. Trying to download an earlier version of Itunes is useless for me because it says my library has already been formatted with the latest version of Itunes. Apple needs to fix this as soon as possible and not turn their back on the loyal customers they had before the Ipod touch or newer Ipods even came out!

  • Bindu

    itunes 9 screwed up my ipod classic too. I tried everything, like manual syncing, ipod restore, tried on different computers..nothing worked..i don’t know how much time i spent on this..now gave up.
    I guess Apple has to do something with the new itunes..

  • Kathy

    It’s good to know I’m not going insane, and that others are having this same problem. I recently purchased an external hard drive to put my pictures and iTunes music on. After several ‘nagging’ reminders that I had updates waiting, I updated my iTunes. I now know that was a terrible mistake. iTunes does no longer recognize my iPod AT ALL! However, “My Computer” does. The sync button is grayed out. After reading the posts here, I decided to uninstall iTunes 9 and install an older version of iTunes; 8. When loading iTunes after the install I now get a message “the file iTunes Library.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes.” I’m completely at a loss for what to do next. Any suggestions out there???

  • Patrick

    Same problem here with the Nano 3G and iTunes 9.0.2. It didn’t show in iTunes or on the desktop. I tried all the iPod reset options I found on the web and eventually went back to iTunes 8.0.2 on a computer that had no music on it. Still no luck showing the Nano. Then I swopped the Firewire cable I used (I tried 2 so it can’t be the cable) for a USB cable. And it works… I hope this might help some of you having the same problem. Is it really this simple???

    • Kathy

      I’m not familiar with ‘firewire cable’. What is this?? Were you able to make it work on the computer with your music, or the one without?? iTunes 8 or 9??

  • S

    I have a Ipod generation 3 and I just synced onto iTunes because I have a new computer and itunes completey erased all my songs. Then I went onto itunes and it siad I had already bought a song but it didnt show up on my ipod. HELP!

  • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Joe Minihane

    Apple has just released iTunes 9.0.3. Does it fix your iPod? Tell us now.

    • giamac

      Acually, I never had a problem until 9.0.3. Now my nano crashes itunes almost immediatly after opening. We have tried every thing we cn find on different sites (that have worked for some other people) with no luck. Both of my itouches will sync but will not always update the items correctly. An example, I can uncheck a certain tv show and check a new to be loaded and it will leave everything the same but say it was updated. It is very frustrating. What to do?

  • claude

    With my Ipod 4G , Sync don’t work with itunes 9.0.3 , Apple don’t have fix the bug …. thanks Apple….

    I’ve will go back to itunes 8.2

  • T Smith

    RUBBISH. Just installed 9.3, as soon as i plug my iPod in it quits iTunes, so STILL cannot sync. Wish they put as much effort getting this resolved as they did into coming up with the iPad

  • Tom T

    I am convinced Apple intentionally did this. This was never an issue with iTunes 7 or earlier… They are so far ahead in the mp3 market they JUST DON’T CARE. They are practically a monopoly. I will never buy another Apple product. Not the iPhone, not any other iPod or mac… they are criminals. Heck, they even encrypted iPod classics so you cannot install better firmware. They can do that, but not prevent iPod corruption?!

  • Lesley F

    just went to sync my classic iPod in iTunes 9.0.3 as I have put new music on my itunes I wanted to transfer to my iPod and it will not sync !…. so I had a look on web and see that this is a big issue Surely if upgrade will no longer support classic iPods it should have a warning on the upgrade I also have iPhone so need latest iTunes software for upgrading that

    • giamac

      It’s not a classic issue. It is happening with lots of different devices. For me it’s a latest generation Nano. For some it’s their itouch and some their iphone.Don’t feel like it’s just you. If you check around the web you will see it pretty evenly divided as to who is having these and similar issues.

  • Damon J

    I have a 120Gb Ipod Classic and ‘classic’ it is not, unless Apple think that this refers to times when people believed in Greek Gods and magic. Nothing gets this to sync in anything like what I’d call an acceptable timescale. Mine has NEVER sync’d FROM NEW – since I had to replace my old ipod photo after the HDD failed and upgraded to itunes 8 – after trying the 9.03 update today, no stinking difference. :(


    Ipod Classic dispays “Syncing” when first connected, then says “connected” – even though Itunes says Syncing iPod. Do not disconnect. If I leave it overnight it seems to work but with no errors in XP logs, nothing to indicate what is holding up sync I’m disgusted and tired of modern day companys selling crud like this and then not getting it to work. I REFUSE to wipe my library – I have rated around 3,000 of my 7600 songs and do not want to lose these ratings. This is the last time I stick up for Apple and or Itunes vs Media Player or similar, just boring.

  • Steven S.

    I still have the same problems as everyone else with iTunes 9.03 and iPod Classic 80 GB. The iTunes program does not recognize and freezes. I was a satisifed customer prior to 9.03. Now it never works. Can anyone get a fix from Apple for this problem.

  • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Annie Duncan

    My ipod touch wont sync after downloading and installing iTunes 9.

  • ty

    have 160 gb classic … photos will not sync. Everything else is fine … using version 9.0.3. Ipod Classic dispays “Syncing” when first connected, then says “connected” – even though Itunes says Syncing iPod.

  • CE

    My 160 gb classic has been utterly destroyed by syncing with version 9.0.3. I have reset, rebooted, etc – but it will not sync. If I look at the iPod, it claims to have 30Gb free – the remaining files presumably are corrupted. When I try to sync, it will take an hour to recognise the iPod then it just hangs. There was no problem pre 9.0.3 so I am somewhat annoyed. So far I have spent hours trawling forums and trying to reset.

  • Frustrated in California

    Not fixing the problem is Apple’s way of saying, “Buy ANOTHER iPod, Suckers!”

  • kitdg

    i have a 8gb nano 4th generation/
    i downloaded the new iTunes last night and was able to sync new songs with my iPod.
    but this morning, after turning my pc on, iTunes cannot be open saying that there’s a problem with Quicktime. So i reinstalled it. Then i got the message saying ‘The file iTunes Library.itl cannot be read…’. i searched how to deal with it in the internet and they said that i should make another copy of my latest ‘Previous iTunes Library’ and use it to open my iTunes. After that, yes, it opened. But every single song in my library is gone. :(

  • Pdchristian

    I have a 3G iPhone I received for Christmas and I downloaded 9.2 and can not sync with my Mac. In addition it took all my photo's on my computer which were neatly divided in different folders and lumped them into one big folder without any names. For example, graduation, vacation, Christmas, etc. Everything is gone, 9000+ photo's no longer divided and neatly labeled. Some of the photo's on my phone are also missing. Some are there, but most are missing. Never had any problems in past.

  • jackie

    I have an 80g Ipod classic, I had noticed all my Itunes purchases were only playing about 4 seconds then skipping. I googled- and found others had simply re-synched and fixed the problem. As soon as I plugged in my ipod Itunes told me my ipod was not recognized and I had to restore… It took four tries, and Finally it seemed to be synching….. well I went to bed at around 1am last night- it was on song 1896 or so, it is now 9am, and it is working on song 1904…

    I feel like I'll never have an Ipod again.

  • Mrae89

    I have the 120G ipod classic and on Monday, I went to sync some new songs to my ipod and when I plugged it in, it seemed fine until my itunes loaded, froze, and wiped all of my songs off and I can no longer use my ipod. This was after I updated to iTunes 9.

    • Alastair

      Mrae 89
      Having the same problems contacted apple no good, still have no ipod

  • Nadine Lachapelle

    May I add to the report? I just allowed a quicktimes+itunes update on my computer and it detroyed Itunes. The program won't pull up, I was instructed to run a repair using the “program and features” control pad. This did not help. I am a little worried.
    I checked for Windows updates, as directed, and then reran the repair. No change.

    Tuesday, July, 20, 2010

  • Rebecca King

    I purchased a brand new iPod 160GB Classic today as a present from my aunt. Well, I tried to sync it and it wouldn’t work, though the iPod itself showed up in iTunes. So I rebooted my computer and ‘rebooted’ my iPod. and it worked. Well, I’ve since added new songs but it refuses to allow me to sync them to my iPod. I’m really upset as this is the first time I’ve used an iPod since my last one was stolen a few years ago.

    I hope they get this fixed asap because it would suck to have wasted over $200 for an ipod.

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