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Martin LewisTunechecker, a new site from the penny-watching pros, will scan online music stores to find you the cheapest MP3s going. Want your Susan Boyle fix for less? Read on.

Tunechecker scans iTunes, Amazon, Play, 7Digital, HMV, We7, Tesco, Orange and Tunetribe to find the cheapest single or album price available. It’s also currently working on adding Sky Songs and Juno.

There’s no need to worry about getting stuck with DRM drenched tracks either as Tunechecker only searches sites that sell DRM-free tracks. It’ll also help you seek out legal free downloads and claims to have uncovered 346 gratis tracks already.

As well as finding the best download prices, Tunechecker will also show you prices for CDs. The price of Susan Boyle’s current no.1 album ranges from £3.97 to £7.99. That’s more than 50% off, thanks to Tunechecker.

Tunechecker checks prices once every 24 hours but you can submit any price errors you spot in the meantime. The site is free to use and live right now. It’s the brain child of Martin Lewis who made our 5 British web celebrities more important than Stephen Fry.

Out now | £free | Tunechecker

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