iPod-nano-itunes-faultRecently we reported on a string of complaints regarding iTunes 9 failing to play nice with the iPod Classic. And your comments continue to pour in, with some suggesting the issue isn’t limited to the old-school jukebox, with the iPod nano also struggling to play nice.

We’ve heard from a number of readers complaining about their iPod nano failing to sync with iTunes 9, or just taking an age to load itself up with tunes. Electricpig reader S van Scosyc told us, “iTunes 9 on my 6 month old MacBook is taking hours to sync to my 4GB 2nd gen Nano. This wasn’t a problem until iTunes 9 found its way onto my machine. No crashes or freezes, just treacle paced syncing.”

However, slow syncing isn’t the only problem, with others telling us of more serious errors. Reader island girl outlined her problems in detail, saying that since upgrading to iTunes 9 on her work PC, her fourth generation iPod nano erased itself and refused to restore her playlists and other files.

iTunes 9: iPod classic syncing issues persist

“I tried to restore but an error (1415) occurred,” she said. “I looked it up on the apple page it linked me to, I tried doing everything the page told me to do, even installing a bunch of .dll’s files, and nothing happened.” She goes on to say that downgrading to iTunes 8 has not worked either.

Electricpig reader Ed Cooke also says he’s had trouble getting his iPod nano to sync with iTunes 9. “iTunes gives me a message saying the, “folder does not exist and the iPod cannot sync”,” he said. He also claims that every time he’s updated iTunes over the past few years, it has caused problems. It’s his final comment, however, which will worry Cupertino most. “Apple is starting to remind me of Microsoft.”

We have asked Apple for further comment, so stay tuned for news as soon as we get it.

In the meantime, tell us if you’ve had trouble syncing your iPod nano with iTunes 9. Make sure you give us your exact model name and tell us in detail what the problem is and we’ll take your complaints to the top.

  • Melody

    My iPod classic refuses to sync or even be recognized by iTunes 9. It’s recognized by my MacBook but not by iTunes.

  • andreas

    thank you for this – it makes me feel less alone. After update to itunes 9 on MBP, I restored my ipod 3G – since then the ipod won’t register music properly to the ipod device library. During sync the songs are indeed transfered from mac/itunes to the ipod (blue bar shows progress) but when disconnecting after sync is complete the ipod menus show “no music”. After reconnecting the ipod to the mac, itunes shows used space on the ipod (orange bar) but no music in the ipod device music folder.

  • http://thisone Martin Smith

    when I connect my Ipod Classic to my Intel Mac It comes up on the screen that it is not in sinc and the code -39 applies. Yesterday I visited the Apple shop in Exeter They appeared to be suprised as to my questions relating to this but suggested that if I did not sort it with the help of the Google Ipod website to bring My computer +my classic Ipod and they will sort it out for me As I live approx 110 miles away I need to be sure that this is right Surely Apple will address this problem otherwise we are going the way of Microsoft, bad publicity and loss of confidence in the downgrades ,and products etc Come on Steve Jobs Sort it out for all our sakes

  • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Joe Minihane

    Hi everyone

    Apple has got onto us to say it’s investigating the issues with iTunes 9




  • Valerie Thomas

    I have Windows XP Home Edition SP3 and the latest iTunes Version…I have gone through four iPod Nanos 5th generation…plug it in to iTunes it works fine registered and synced songs…after it was okay to disconnect the iPod froze…apple logo stays on the screen and flashes…I have tried the 5 R’s, put in in disk mode and restored it through iTunes…nothing works…now iTunes doesn’t even recognize it. Talked with Apple techs they are no help…and every time I exchanged it at the store where I purchased it they had no clue either thought maybe it was a “bad batch”…any suggestions anyone???? I have 2nd and 3rd generation shuffles that work just fine

  • Marcus

    My iPod Nano after updating iTunes on both of my computers and firmware on my iPod Im getting folder cannot be found and 1415 error all the time. Moving files or syncing it with my computer is impossible and right now so all I have is an empty iPod and that really sucks!
    I don’t think Microsoft has made anything of less quality since Windows ME than this major screw up by Apple.
    Next MP3 player will be from another brand!

  • Kathryn

    I have just bought a ipod classic, I have Windows XP Home Edition SP3 and have just downloaded the latest iTunes Version 9.1. I get as far as the ipod software licence agreement, tick the box, and nothing happens. itunes and my computer show the ipod is there but I cant seem to move from the licence page. Any suggestions?

  • Rob T

    I have recently bought a new computer, which has come with Windows 7 (64bit version). I have installed I tunes from the apple website and transfered all my tunes off the old computer on to the new one and they all would appear to be OK. When i come to connect my Ipod nano (3rd Gen) to sync it with the new computer then it all goes pear shaped. It was all going well until i tried to sync the ipod to the new computer. i now have only 12 songs on my IPOD nano out of the 1400+ i have in my library. When i connect the Ipod Nano now all it does is Sync. I have left it on for a full day and it still only has twelve songs on it. Whats happened?? Apples website and technical help is useless. Anyone out there got any ideas.

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