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Nokia's secret weapon revealed: Meet the all-new Symbian

Nokia‘s been standing by Symbian while developers have been crossing the floor to the iPhone and Android camps, but its resolve may have paid off: it’s just shown off Symbian with a slick new UI that threatens to put it right back in the smartphone game.

Nokia’s been talking itself up to investors at its Capital Market Day this week and on hand were a bunch of Espoo’s top execs, talking about what to expect next year. At the top of the list: a revamped Symbian UI that does away with all the grotty screens and confusing menus we’ve come to despise.

Gone are the slow menu switches and in its place will be a UI that’s three times faster and runs at a super smooth 60fps, better multitasking and crucial actions pared down to a few taps (like set up email in 2 steps, not 4). Not only that but Nokia will be adding support for multitouch on capacitive screens, showing it is firmly committed to the more finger friendly touchscreen tech it debuted in the X6.

Is this the Nokia N87 12MP phone?

Visually, the presentation slideshows indicate some ace changes – the galleries use a picture in picture thumbnail row for checking out snaps, while music albums scroll along, Cover Flow style.

In fact, so radical are the changes Nokia’s CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, even proclaims that come next year he expects the “user interface with Symbian to be a non issue.”

It’s good to know Nokia’s trying to turn things around and is frank enough to admit Symbian S60′s failings. There’s no doubt Symbian is still a capable OS: after all, it handles modern features like multiplayer Bluetooth, always on web widgets and Exchange with aplomb and is capable of low power consumption. But recently there’s been no way to access all those core elements without ramming up against the ugly, confuddly UI.

Here’s to snapping off the bottleneck Nokia, now let’s see you follow through and deliver.

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  • Seb Mason

    Ahhh, Finally Nokia! It’s taken you this long to wake up.
    This should of been announced this time last year!
    But I suppose its happened now, So can’t complain.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the new improved Symbian, I’ve always been a big fan and it’s always been great, But yeah it’s way over due for a total refurb, well done Nokia. Just please don’t disapoint us with waiting months and months and months for this.

    Wish they had a real video, showing what it’s actually capable of.

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