Atomic Floyd TwistJax review Atomic Floyd TwistJax review

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Great bassy sound, twisting ear buds, tangle free cable
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A tad big, not top notch for folk
Hefty headphones sure, but worth a look if you fancy a new pair of in-ear efforts
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Atomic Floyd TwistJax

Replacing your iPod’s shaky buds is par for the course these days. But as easy as getting rid of those nasty white earache inducers is, choosing a new pair is just as hard. Vying for the last of your hard-earned cash before you start spending on Christmas pressies are the Atomic Floyd TwistJax. Packing in some novelty features, can they see off Sennheiser, beat down Bose and make your ears their home? Read our complete Atomic Floyd TwistJax review now and we’ll tell all.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Atomic Floyd TwistJax is there size. For in-ear buds they’re on the chunky side, when compared to the similarly specced Sennheiser CX95s. But the metal casing gives them an air of top notch quality and unlike plasticky rivals, they don’t feel like they’ll fall to pieces after a few months use.

The Atomic Floyd TwistJaxs biggest draw though lies in the name. The earbuds themsleves rotate 180 degrees, giving you a comfortable fit whether you want to loop them over your ear, Shure-style, or stick them in like regular earphones. In truth, you won’t twist them much once they’re in your lugholes, as they’ll find the right fit straight away.

It makes for real comfort, even if the Atomic Floyd TwistJaxs are a wee bit heavy. We’re not talking an Etymotic style perfect fit either, but it’s as close to perfection as we’ve got without getting our ears moulded.

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And there’s no doubting the sound quality either. We slung through some Roots Manuva and the bass throbbed perfectly, without ever distorting or hiding any of the track’s details. But it’s clear the Atomic Floyd TwistJax are very much made with heavier tunage in mind. We gave the new Port O’Brien album a whirl and while it did sound lush, it proved that these buds’ forte is not winsome folk but banging tunes. That’s not to say they can’t handle Americana, just that hip hop and dance fans will be more at home with them.

The inclusion of an anti-tangle cable is great and one we can’t get enough of. Precious minutes are always lost sorting out knackered cables. Also, the Atomic Floyd TwistJaxs’ cable isn’t so long it’ll end up on the floor, unlike Sennheiser’s current predilection for lengthy, two part line-ins.

We’ll admit that at £129.99, the Atomic Floyd TwistJax headphones aren’t cheap. But if you want solid build coupled with cracking sound quality, they’re well worth dropping that doe for.

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