Asus Eee PC 1201N unboxed!

The Asus Eee PC 1201N doesn’t go on sale here in the UK until the new year, but we’ve just blagged one, and cracked it open on camera for you on the unboxing bench. Want to see this Ion fuelled laptop up close? Read on for the piccies.

We were the first to tell you that the Asus Eee PC 1201N, with a 12.1-inch screen, Atom 330 dual core processor and Nvidia Ion graphics for trotting out HD video, was UK bound, and now we’ve had a play we can see why Asus has been hyping it up. It’s essentially a larger version of the black Eee PC 1005HA with a beefy battery.

Asus Eee PC 1201N Ion netbook official!

It’s got the same island keyboard and dimpled trackpad, but the twist is the Asus Eee PC 1201N also sports a HDMI port. The idea is that you can watch HD video on the train home, then when you get in the door, you can plug it in to your TV for continued hi-res viewing.

We’ll be putting the Asus Eee PC 1201N through its paces for a full review coming shortly, but in the meantime, check it out up close here in our gallery.

Out January | £399 | Asus

  • christmas gifts

    I think they’ve determined that 10″ form factor is for those that want the ultimate portability and 12″ is for those that want a little more power. I think, in time, you’ll start to see ATi and Ion powered 10″ books, but not very soon. Intel and Microsoft have done everything they can to limit 10″ books that are too powerful.

    • Ben Sillis

      6 months ago I was scornful of the idea of 12-inch laptops counting as netbooks, but the changes Asus has made have made me rethink. First, it slims its line down with the Seashell range, then it puts Ion in. Thinking about it, I rarely do use the DVD drive on my laptop, so it’s a very well struck compromise. Unfortunately, from my testing so far, the same can’t be said of the keyboard – more on that in our full review.

  • Ray

    Waiting for a complete review. I have one pre-ordered and hope it reviews good.

    • Ben Sillis

      Hi Ray, we’ll have one for you soon. So far, the outlook is sunny!

      • Ray

        Can’t wait to read it. Put this baby to the test!

  • Marc Jank

    My main worry about this netbook is the N330 being rated too hot for anything but desktops/nettops by intel.
    If it doesn’t have heat issues, have they underclocked the processor?

    I look forward to the full review. If there are no heat issues and the cores run at the advertised speed, I’m definitely grabbing myself one of these.

    • Ben Sillis

      Hi Marc – you’re on the money here, it’s pretty scorching! Still, nothing that will leave a scar – stay tuned for the full review soon.

      • Marc Jank

        Oh wow. Will you include some numbers regarding how hot you can get it in the full review? What does it idle at, and what can you push it to?

        My current laptop was manufactured with one of those defective 8600M’s about a year ago and the heat issues have worn down my hardware pretty bad (I’ve got several auxiliary fans cooling it- otherwise it’ll get to 100C and trigger the thermal off switch, idles around 40C-50C, games at 70-80C). I’d hate to dump my laptop to move onto something with the same problem.

      • Ray

        Nice. If to hot not sure will get one. Heat and Arizona doesn’t sound good for this unit.

  • joash

    So… When is the full review going to be published?
    Soon? next week? Arrg!

  • excited

    I’m looking forward to this review, and hope the review would compare the 1201N with ultraportables using intel’s CULV such as the ASUS UL20A-A1. This particular model is very similar to the 1201N (3.3lbs, 12.1? screen, 6 cell – 7.5hr battery) but sports a 1.3GHz core 2 duo processor (slightly lower clock speed, hugely larger L2 cache at 3MB vs 512kb) and Intel X4500MHD graphics (which probably is vastly inferior to nVidia’s Ion)

  • J

    so when do you think you’ll be able to get a review out? preorders are open and im ready unless there is anything seriously wrong with the 1201n

  • dnaL0R

    just pre-ordered this from ebay for $400, now just waiting for a full review…

  • Avid

    Great configuration.
    Am going in for this model as its got a good processor as well the Ion graphics & 5 hours battery during normal use.
    The only I need to know is if it can handle GTA 4 in 1024 x 768 resolution with all settings to minimum (Have to be sure it has no lag).
    I am stressing on GTA 4 gameplay, since it is both CPU & GPU intensive game.
    Cause if it plays this game, we can be pretty sure it can handle any other game well.
    Could you help me out with this & if possible do post the FPS.
    I am really excited.
    :) )
    (Getting it for $500 + 4% VAT)

  • Avid

    I have done a lot of research which includes: Samsung N510, Lenovo S12, Asus N10J-A2, HP Mini 311, …. two more models… but all these could not match the Asus 1201n. Nice move Asus, that too at such affordable price.
    I thought purchasing HP Mini 311, since I saw a video of GTA 4 gameplay, but made up my mind to purchase this as it is much better in hardware & color (All Black!) too.

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