Netronix Pocket 360Netronix, a Taiwanese networking specialist, is working with Texas Instruments to develop an Android based e-book reader. The best news though? The device could be released in mid-2010.

Netronix chairman Arthur Lu said that the e-reader will interoperate with other Android smartphones or embedded devices. We imagine that’ll mean it can share files with Android phones, although he didn’t state exactly how or what this interoperation would consist of. He did confidently state that his company will shift over a million units of the device in 2010 though.

The Netronix e-reader itself will also have 3G /3.5G connectivity for, we assume, surfing the web and downloading e-books on the move, just like the Amazon Kindle.

Lu hinted at the e-reader being a personal communication device too, meaning that the data connectivity may well be used for texts, emails and even phone calls rather than simply grabbing the latest Dan Brown brow-furrower.

It looks as if Google’s Android OS is becoming quite the operating system of choice for the e-reader market. Only last month we told you about two other Android based e-readers – the Alex and the Nook.

If Lu’s promises come true, however, and the Netronix e-reader will branch out even further, letting it work alongside other Android devices. Will he sell a million units though? We’ll keep you posted.

TBA | £TBA | Netronix (via DigiTimes)

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