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The LG IQ may lack the capacitive screen of the HTC HD2, but there’s another reason it’s managed to get us excited about Windows Mobile for once: it’s got a pocket projector bolted on the back for throwing up flicks onto a nearby wall!

The LG IQ, formerly codenamed Monaco, packs an impressive spec sheet, including a sliding landscape QWERTY keyboard, superfast Snapdragon 1GHz processor, five megapixel camera and sharp WVGA display. But as you can see in this hands-on video, stuck on the back of the LG IQ is a pocket projector, similar to the one we’ve seen built into the Samsung Show.

Samsung Show projector mobile phone caught on camera

Like the Nikon S1000PJ‘s projector, the LG IQ’s image chucker leaves a lot to be desired but the handler says it’ll only cost $150 (£90), and let’s face it, it has more practical use than a solar powered back cover, which LG also sells.

There’s no word on when the LG IQ is out in the UK – its first stop on tour is network Telus in Canada – but have a look at the video and check it out for yourself. Is this the future of multimedia on mobile?

Out TBC | £TBC | LG (Via Howard Chui)

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