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Google Maps Navigation comes to the UK!

Google Maps Navigation might be US only according to Google, but who are we to tow the official line? With the help of our trusty readers, we’ve gone and got the free satnav software running in the UK already. No need for a US passport, and no need for a Motorola Droid! Check out the photos here and stay tuned for a full tutorial to get Google Maps Navigation running on your own Android phone later today.

With little to no jiggery pokery, we’ve got Google Maps Navigation working on our lowly HTC Magic, despite it supposedly only being available across the pond. As you can see in the screenshots, it has no problems figuring out turn by turn routes around London and showing off with Street View, although there are still a few kinks: Google Maps Navigation’s voice command feature won’t work at the moment, chucking up a few errors and then quitting.

Google Maps Navigation: first video!

Google Maps Navigation will only run on Android version 1.6 and above, so HTC Hero owners won’t be able to pull this feat off just yet, but if you run vanilla Android on your phone, watch out for our full step by step guide on how to load up Google Maps Navigation later today. In the meantime, see what’s got TomTom and Garmin running scared in our Google Maps Navigation UK gallery right here.

Out Now | £free | Google Maps Navigation (Thanks Matt!)

  • Matty T

    Glad I could help you guys! Kinda satisfying to see a “Thanks” also. Congrats on getting it working Ben and Co, simple aye? ^_^

    • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

      Piece of cake! And well worth it too. As soon as a portrait QWERTY Android phone comes out, I’m ditching my contract.

  • Eddie

    Doesnt seem to work on the HTC Hero :( i’ve tried installing the .apk (maps) but it ‘wont run on this phone’. i’ve just checked the app install settings and they seem correct…

    • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

      Hi Eddie – I’m afraid that’s because the HTC Hero runs on Android 1.5 – for now. Keep an eye over on XDA and I’m sure a solution will come along soon, possibly before HTC releases a 2.x update for your phone.

  • Chris

    Will this run on newer Android 2.1 phones like my HTC Desire?

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