Google ChromeGoogle Chrome beta for Mac looks on track for an early December launch, with only eight more bugs left to be ironed out. It was believed the release would be in late December, but an announcement from a Google top-dog has suggested the Chrome team is making fast progress.

Mike Pinkerton, who heads up the Google for Mac team, tweeted “8 remaining M4 Mac beta blockers! Go team! #chrome”. M4 stands for milestone 4 which is what the beta build of Chrome for Mac is referred to – as it’s based on version 4. At the start of the month Pinkerton told ZDNet that there were over 20 beta blockers, suggesting the Chrome for Mac team are blitzing through the project.

Of the eight bugs, only one is classed as a priority 1, or most important. The 20+ bugs Pinkerton told ZDNet about were all priority 1. This huge reduction in kinks has led to suggestions that Chrome for Mac could be just days away, or a couple of weeks at the most.

At the very least, it points to a few busy weeks for the Chrome team, who are also working on the Chrome OS, as well as inviting developers to submit extensions for the Windows version of the Chrome browser.

TBA | £free | Google (via Tech Crunch)

  • Ben Sillis

    I can’t wait. If it’s as fast as Chrome for PC, Firefox is being binned ASAP.

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