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Sky TVSky is trialling a new 3D outside broadcast system to bring 3D football games to your TV by mid-2010. So what will you need to see Wayne Rooney’s Shrek-like visage in three-dimensions?

Sky has already confirmed that it will launch a 3D channel in 2010, with rumours that it will bring 3D television to multiplexes too. But you’re already likely to have much of the technology you’ll need for 3D football watching in your living room right now.

Sky 3D will use the same dishes and Sky HD boxes that are currently in service, but you’ll need to upgrade your TV to one that can interpret and display a 3D image. Several manufacturers, including Sony, already have 3D TVs waiting in the wings.

As well as upgrading your telly, Sky 3D sport will need 3D glasses – but not the two-colour kind used by Channel 4 for its 3D week. Instead, Sky 3D will use more solid, wraparound glasses with clear polarised lenses.

To record live football games, Sky will use pairs of HD cameras to grab wide shots that replicate human’s binocular vision.

Close-ups will be covered by standard 2D cameras but the image will be ‘dropped back’ slightly in the stereo field to make shots fit together. Sky has tried 3D close-ups but concluded that currently the effect is jarring.

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Due mid-2010 | TBA | Sky (via The Times)

  • Jason Hargreaves

    I really can’t believe it. I pray Wayne is healed for the cup!

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