Motorola MilestoneWe’ve just got the official word: the Motorola Milestone is hitting the UK, and it’s doing so next month. But the Android-packing smartphone won’t be available on a contract, at least not until 2010. Read on for all the deets.

Motorola has just spilled the news that the Motorola Milestone will go on sale on 7 December exclusively through online retailer Expansys, where it’s SIM-free and £449.99. This period of exclusivity will last until next year, meaning no networks will be offering it bundled with a contract and tariff.

If that strikes you as a bit odd (and well it might, what with Christmas coming up), it could be that the Motorola Milestone simply came too late to figure in the networks end-of-year plans, and so will be offered on deals from early 2010 instead.

So if you want to get your mitts on a Motorola Milestone you don’t have long to wait – but you will have to shell out the best part of £500. Still, it’s one heck of a phone – check out our full review of the US version, the Motorola Droid.

Out 7 December | £449.99 | Expansys

  • Tom Raider

    Alternatively, eXpansys themselves will do the Motorola Milestone on the T-Mobile Combi 30 + Web N Walk contract at
    It’s £35 a month (18 months) and £49.99 upfront. Though no date is given so might not be available so soon.

    • James Holland

      Not a bad deal, and better than the 24 month deals we’re seeing more and more of… god I hate those.

  • Ben Sillis

    I hate 24 month contracts too. And frankly, that’s an awesome deal, good spot Tom.

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