iPhone 3GSiPhone owners spend more than online than people who haven’t nabbed Apple’s super-phone, according to research by technology law firm Olswang. So why are iPhone owners more likely to splash their cash?

Olswang’s Convergence Survey reveals that in the wider population, 58% of people would download new films and 40% would grab a digital copy of a film that’s out on DVD too. iPhone owners stats are significantly higher – 73% would download a new film while 54% would nab a download of an older film.

iPhone users are also far more excited by ebooks and digital magazines. While only 30% of the entire population would download an ebook and 29% would buy a digital magazine, 42% of iPhone users will buy ebooks and 38% are up for reading digital magazines.

With the vast iTunes App Store catalogue at their finger tips, it makes sense that iPhone users are up for buying more digital content – they’re doing it all the time anyway.

The stats will make pleasant reading for Apple if it is working on bringing ebooks and digital magazines to the much-rumoured Apple Tablet.

Out now | £free | Olswang (via Fast Company)

  • CJ84

    As more portable devices such as Apple’s tablet converge on the market it will be interesting to see just how high those numbers go. Most people believe digital editions are the future of entertainment media but these numbers suggest there is still some way to go to convince people. I’m sure Apple lowering its prices for films etc would help. PS. You have an extra ‘than’ in the first line!

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