Motorola MilestoneThe Motorola Milestone Android 2.0 smartphone has just popped up on a UK site, SIM-free and ready for pre-order. Want to know when it hits? Read on for the details.

UK site has listed the Motorola Milestone for sale, with stock supposedly due for 7 December, priced £439.99 SIM-free. That’s a surprise, as Motorola’s official line is that the Motorola Milestone (Or Droid as it’s known in the US) is only headed to Germany and Italy.

Motorola Milestone: UK left out of Europe launch

That’s great news for Brits, as the Motorola Milestone/Droid has been heralded as a serious iPhone contender thanks to Android 2.0 and a stunning 3.7-inch screen.

We’ve put in a call with Motorola to see if plans are afoot, so stay tuned: it looks like we could be hacking Google Maps Navigation on to the Motorola Milestone shortly.

Out TBC | £TBC | Motorola (Via Slashgear)

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