The Sony Ericsson Pureness isn’t on sale yet, but we’ve been manhandling its see-through shell all morning. Want a gawp at its gorgeous minimalist styling? Read on, we’ve got first impressions and a ton of photos.

The Pureness (which is actually called the Xperia X5, according to the phone’s system information screen) is the world’s first with a transparent screen. Sony Ericsson says it’s designed as a counterbalance to the myriad feature phones doing the rounds, concentrating simply on “talk, text and time”.

We spoke to the phone’s designer, Daniel Mauritzson, who told us he envisioned it as a second phone, complementing a smartphone by offering a simple handset to take out at night.

See the Sony Ericsson Pureness in video

It’s a use that seems to suit the Pureness’s design. The screen is an absolute beauty, but more than a bit tricky to read in direct sunlight. That’s another argument for this being used exclusively as a night time phone. It lights up like a beacon, perfect for showing off in nightclubs.

The handset itself feels great. It’s substantial, but not huge. The software inside might be minimalist, but there’s still 3G, a web browser (although it looks a bit woeful on that monochrome screen), music player and Bluetooth.

In a neat design touch, the SIM card slots into the side, making it easy to swap back to your main phone after you’ve tarted about on the town.

Sony Ericsson is also providing a concierge service with the Pureness. £500 gets you the handset and a year’s service, with one number to do your bidding. Our posher mates tell us that’s a steal, as concierge services usually cost twice that simply to be a member.

So, it’s a poser’s phone good and proper. Sony Ericsson says you won’t see the Pureness on sale in high street stores any time soon, and we can see why: it’s hardly an impulse buy. That said, there’s enough neat touches to let it compete with the Prada phones of this world, and it’s a small fortune less than a similarly specced Vertu.

If you’ve got the cash, and feel like showing off, the Sony Ericsson Pureness is unique, well-made and more than a little exclusive. Check out our pictures above!

TBC | £500 | Sony Ericsson

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