Frog Design, the firm which worked with Apple on its Snow White design language and the original Macintosh computers, has released…a Twitter iPhone app to help you watch TV. More accurately, the app lets you follow tweets on a particular programme and respond at the same time.

We told you last week that Big Brother producer, Endemol, is working on a similar iPhone Twitter app dubbed Tweemote, and while Endemol’s Tweemote has not emerged yet, Frog Design’s tvChatter app is available in the iTunes app store now for free.

tvChatter lists popular TV shows and tvChatter events which Frog Design promises will give users the chance to interact with special guests tweeting along at the same time.

Unfortunately, since Frog Design has launched tvChatter in conjunction with NBC, it’s currently entirely US-focused, and the company has yet to announce UK features. But with tvChatter allowing users to read streaming commentary on a show and tweet their views at the same time, the video above gives a good glimpse of what Endemol’s Tweemote could end up being.

Hopefully, Frog Design will bring its app to the UK too. Haven’t they seen the X-Factor fever that grips UK twitterers on a Saturday night?

Out now | £free | iTunes (via ITVT)

  • Yoel Crane

    Thanks for the mention. While we haven’t launched support for other countries we can add any tv program. We welcome you to try out tvChatter while watching the “The X Factor” this Saturday. This show is now in the program guide for your enjoyment. We welcome your feedback.
    Yoel Crane
    tvChatter Product Manager

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