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It’s big day for Spotify – with its Symbian app finally official – but is the streaming site a bad deal for artists? According to a Swedish report, Lady Gaga has earned next to nothing for over 1 million plays via Spotify.

Lady Gaga – who’s new album, The Fame Monster, we reviewed today – has sold more than 4m albums and more than 20 million digital downloads.

However, a report in Swedish newspaper, Expressen, suggests 1m plays of her monster hit, Pokerface, in Sweden alone have earned Lady Gaga just $167.

While you feast on tunes via Spotify on your iPhone or Symbian S.60 handset, are artists set to starve? Or is this just a freak example?

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  • Ben Sillis

    I’m sticking my head in the sand when it comes to the financing of the new wave of internet music services. So long as they work, I don’t mind if they’re fueled by panda blood and unicorn hooves! That’s quite an eye opening stat though.

  • Billy

    Bit of a meaningless report really. Spotify can be a good form of ‘advertising’ for artists, as I have found through my own experience, listening to tunes on Spotify can lead you to go out and buy the album If you like it. Therefore lining their pockets as a result.
    Does the report say how many plays worldwide?

  • monty

    4 million albums at 10 quid a pop plus 20 downloads at minimum 69p per track even after everyone else has taken a cut label hangers on etc she ain’t doing to bad when the rest of us are worried about losing our jobs and getting evicted from our houses i don’t think she’ll be forced to go out buskin cos spotify only paid her 167 bloody quid!

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