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Update: Apple has just released iTunes 9.03. Has it fixed your iPod? Tell us now!

When iTunes 9 slipped out of Cupertino in September, it led to a raft of complaints from iPod Classic owners unable to sync their Apple jukebox with the new music software. And two months on, problems appear to be persisting, with readers telling us iTunes 9 still isn’t playing nice with their iPods.

Customers’ complaints about iTunes 9 range from failure to sync with the iPod Classic, to having to spend hours searching through folders for corrupt files causing the iPod to fail.

Barbara, an Electricpig reader, told us her 80GB iPod Classic struggled with iTunes 9. “The recent update did nothing for me,” she said. “I went to an Apple service centre and they denied the problem, even though I mentioned other users on the internet.”

iTunes 9 kills iPod Classic

While the cases do appear limited, Apple’s discussion boards are buzzing with talk about iTunes 9 problems with the iPod Classic in particular.

Users there say their iPod Classics have simply stopped working after installing iTunes 9. Complaints have continued well into November, two months after Steve Jobs took to the stage to introduce iTunes 9. Comments on the Apple discussion page say Cupertino is alive to the problem, although it seems there’s no update planned for iTunes in the near future.

The problems seem varied, from complete failure to sync to corrupt files. One reader, Jacob Y, got in touch to tell us his iPod Classic is now working, but that it took hours of rummaging around in his PC’s files to solve the problem.

“There is something with the 9 software that is either corrupting the files on the ipod or leaving scattered or corrupted files on the install folders,” he claimed.

Another reader, Ceri Periam, told us that his 3rd generation iPod nano was also experiencing syncing issues with iTunes 9, suggesting the problem isn’t strictly limited to the old-school iPod Classic either.

When asked Apple for its opinion on your syncing issues, but received the following statement: “Apple declined to comment.”

Has your iPod Classic stopped working? Are you struggling to sync with iTunes 9, or have you found a fix of your own? Tell us and we’ll share your tips, or take complaints directly to Apple. Make sure you give us the model of iPod, which generation it is and the exact version of iTunes you’re using.

  • Bram_de_geyter

    also got this problem
    i have an Ipod Classic 160 GB / 3 generation
    and i use Itunes
    hope someone can help me !!!!

  • Suza nne

    I have IPod Classic 160 GB and I downloaded Itunes 10 and STILL can't get the damn thing to sync my songs!!!! This is the BIGGEST scam product I've ever encountered. I spent 2 whole months “fixing” my Itunes library and files trying to retrieve “lost” songs and once completed, I found I can't sync my songs onto the IPod. Ladies and Gentlemen, we've become a bunch of suckers on account of Apple Computers. I'll never buy anything that's made from Apple. I spent an”arm and leg” on this inferior contraption!!!

  • Davethepostie

    Can't believe i've only just found out about this, i went to the apple shop in Southampton today with my wifes 80gb classic, about 3 months ago while i was syncing it, it completely wiped what was on her ipod. i have a 30gb classic and mine is fine.
    since then even with the new itunes it will not work properly, wont sync and just freezes, the apple shop would have replaced it if it was in warranty, but it was 3 years old and now were stuck with something that wont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shavok99

    I bought a 5th gen classic at a pawn shop and on itunes 10 it is doing this to me, corrupt files takes ages just to sync, and when it finally says its finished synching I eject it safely and there are only about 10 songs on there… frustration… any way to downgrade to itunes 8?

    • Robbthewrongway

      exactly the same here bro!

  • czachry

    I am running Window XP on a Averatec AV3715-EH1 laptop computer. I am using ITunes and using an IPOD Classic (5th Generation Late 2006, 30GB memory) Model MA444LL S/N 8K6521PBV9K with version 1.3 software installed which best I can tell ITunes says is the latest.I have been for years downloading many video and audio podcasts from the ITunes store. Again syncing the IPOD to my computer the IPOD would automatically eject at the end of the sync. It has worked beautifully since I purchased it in 2007. Recently it has stopped ejecting automatically from my docking station (now have to manually eject it) and many of the old podcasts that have been syncing perfectly for years are not syncing from the computer to the IPOD any longer. They are on my computer but not syncing. Brand new podcasts are not syncing at all. There are some old podcasts that are contunuing to sync okay but for how long I do not know. They appear to be slowly disappearing. New CD music appears to be syncing just fine. Unsubscribed to old podcasts that were not syncing and resubscribed. Still not syncing to the IPOD. Apple tech support does not appear to be of any help and are useless in my opinion. At their suggestion I deleted ITunes completely off my computer and reinstalled the same version ( I reset the IPOD to no avail. I am now at a total loss. HELP? Is my IPOD too old? Where could the problem be? having some computer experience I think the problem is probably easily fixed but Apple appears to want you to buy a new IPOD.

  • Lynn

    my 120 gb ipod will only hold around 1000 songs otherwise it deletes everything i have after disconnecting it properly

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