TwitterTwitter announced it was planning to add location data to tweets back in August. Now the geolocation functionality is complete and you can give permission for Twitter to take down your movements.

Giving location information to Twitter is an opt-in process. To enable Twitter’s function to add geographic information to your tweets, you simply have to hop over to the Account section at

Scroll down and you’ll find the location section of the Twitter settings. There’s a checkbox to enable geotagging and big friendly button that will allow you to delete all your historical location data, just in case your being tracked by assassins or you know, just relish your privacy.

Twitter’s also tweaked its privacy policy to include the new geotagging feature. It also reiterates to users that items posted to Twitter are public unless they make their Twitter stream private.

Twitter’s geolocation features do not actually work on yet however but will rolled out as part of third party applications like Tweetdeck over the next few weeks.

The addition of geolocation information to tweets should also mean that Twitter is able to create more effective local lists of trending topics.

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