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Nokia N900Nokia is to scrap the aging Symbian S60 in favour of Maemo on all of its flagship Nseries smartphones in future, according to Espoo staffers. Don’t pop open the champagne just yet though – the transition won’t be complete until 2012. Read on for the details.

According to the Really Mobile Project, Nokia’s Maemo marketing team let slip that the company will abandon Symbian S60 entirely in favour of its own swizzy OS by 2012, meaning future devices will run software similar to what the Nokia N900 packs now.

Developers voice fears for Symbian

That still leaves S60 to stay on Nokia’s other expensive lines, such as the Xseries and the suity Eseries, but it’s Nokia’s first official indication of this unsurprising, but necessary move. Last month’s Symbian Expo was a complete washout, with developers predicting doom for the OS unless the Symbian Foundation ups its game, fast.

Don’t be too surprised if Nokia decides retrospectively that it didn’t say Maemo on all Nseries is the plan – it was quick to crush Android rumours – but if it’s to stay number one, we hope it’s the plan: Maemo 6 is already looking incredibly slick, and it’s still in the doodle stage!

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