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Chrome-LogoGoogle’s Chrome OS could be public as early as tomorrow, with Google calling a special event at its headquarters in Mountain View, California. Word on the web is a technical brief will be the order of the day, as well as a “complete overview” of the Chrome OS, before it launches in full next year.

According to TechCrunch, Google could release test code before the new year, although a full launch is still on the cards for later in 2010.

Google Chrome OS: First screenshot!

The phrasing of a “complete overview” of Chrome OS also seems to suggest Google is pleased with progress, and eager to whip up a frenzy of excitement.

So far, we’ve only seen leaked screenshots of the Chrome OS’s browser. Stay tuned, and we’ll give you a closer look at Chrome OS as soon as Google lifts the lid.

TBC | £free | Google (via TechCrunch)

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