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Google Image SwirlGoogle Image Swirl is a brand new Labs feature from the search giant that’s just gone live to test out. Remember the Wonder Wheel that brings up relevant search terms? It’s like that, but with nearby snaps.

Google Image Swirl has just gone live for the public to test out, and it’s a fun mash up between the Wonder Wheel, and the company’s clever landmark lookup technology it showed off at a conference earlier this year. Search for a location and it’ll pull up some straight up shots, with sub-groups of nearby shots and different angles. Trying it out with Big Ben for instance will let you roam from the clock face itself down to Parliament Square in user submitted photos.

Google Wonder Wheel unveiled!

Google Image Swirl is still in the early stages mind, so does come up with some surprising links. Search for “dog” and a large, cute mongrel is linked to a snap of a Chinese crested-chihuahua, famous as the ugliest canine breed on the planet, with seemingly little logic other than they’re both dogs.

Still, Google points out that Google Image Swirl is only a work in progress, so don’t be surprised if you find it’s pigeon holing curious combinations of places and objects. It’s available to try out now here.

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