Toshiba has just shown off something much more cool than a giant pigeon to promote its gizmos: a chair that floats up to the cusp of space on a balloon. We’ve got the full video here of the breathtaking stunt.

As marketing ploys go, Toshiba’s airborne stool is one of the best we’ve seen of late: shot in the Nevada Black Rock desert, we see the ultra light balsa wood chair, which cost £2,500 to build, float up to 98,628 feet while strung up to a helium balloon.

Toshiba says the full ascension took 83 minutes, with the fall back down to earth taking another 24 minutes. It’s supposed to highlight how amazing the views on Toshiba’s new Regza LCD TV range is, and how light the Satellite T Series laptops are. But really, we just enjoy the spectacular and spooky view of a chair floating high above the earth. Who says Up isn’t realistic?

Give that play button a jam to check out Toshiba’s new ad for yourself, and expect to see it popping up on TV from later today.

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  • Jeff

    What if the damn chair fell on something besides the barren earth? Is that a stupid question

    • Ben Sillis

      No I thought that as well, seems mildly dangerous no matter how light scientists made it. But I guess that’s why they did it in the desert!

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