Palm PreIf you’ve got a Palm Pre nestled in your pocket, we’ve got good news. Palm’s pushed out an OS update, webOS 1.3.1, with bug fixes and some rather fine new features.

The Palm Pre’s webOS already includes the ability to import calendar and contacts info from Google and Facebook but now Yahoo! is in on the act too.

With Yahoo! Synchronicity support, the Palm Pre will grab calendar and address book entries from your Yahoo! account. There’s now also support for Yahoo! Instant Messenger.

While there are no new applications added for the Palm Pre in webOS 1.3.1 there are a fistful of updated features and bug fixes.

YouTube videos discovered via the web browser will now open in the dedicated YouTube app, it’s now possible to forward and copy texts and MMS messages, and you can now add custom sounds to text message alerts.

Unlike other Palm OS updates, the webOS 1.3.1 does not require a complete wipe of the device. Sadly though, it also doesn’t manage to return iTunes synching. It looks like Palm’s battle with Apple will rage on.

The webOS 1.3.1 update will not come pre-installed on the Palm Pixi but will be pushed to Palm Pre owners over the air. Owners of both devices can also download it from Palm’s site.

Out now | £free | Palm (via Brighthand)

  • Dave

    Where is this update, still checking updates every day and being told my phone is up to date….. still no WebOS 1.3.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is it out in america but not here, what is the difference except a few changes in spelling????? we get us apps in catalogue in the UK, this is all moving to slow to compete with apple iphone at all. Palm pre is a great phone but as the original xbox it has great potential but just cant break the market because of lack of development. such a shame no I will have this phone for two years, come on palm pull your finger out

    • James Holland

      Frustrating, isn’t it? I’m constantly amazed at Palm’s sluggishness. It’s hardly a startup, after all! They have years of experience with this stuff.

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