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O2 JogglerThe O2 Joggler app store has been on the cards for months. We told you way back in March that it was coming, but now it’s official: you’ll be able to start downloading extra widgets on to your touchscreen family hub before the year is out!

We broke the news half a year ago that O2 Joggler applications could be tested and pumped out to household Jogglers through the O2 Litmus store, and now the network has confirmed just that. Before 2010, developers will be able to grab an SDK for the gizmo, letting them code for an O2 Joggler application store which will link in to O2 Litmus.

O2 Joggler app store prepped

In order for the O2 Joggler applications to work, O2 will be upgrading Flash on all Jogglers from Flash 8 to Flash 10, and all apps made available through the store will be free at first. O2 also announced today that it’s finally pushed out the Internet Radio feature we were promised at launch, bringing over 100 free net stations through Pure’s media portal, The Lounge.

Will the new features make the O2 Joggler any more attractive than when we reviewed it back in May? Expect to find out when the first offerings from third parties begin trickling through in a few weeks.

Out Now | £99.99 | O2

  • Paulo Matos

    I just got a joggler for christmas but am I missing something or nothing like a joggler store was released up to now?

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