We’re big fans of Mario so New Super Mario Bros Wii is right up our street. However, if you didn’t grow up with a d-pad welded to your hand, Nintendo’s revealed some killer gameplay secrets. Check out the video to become a truly super New Super Mario Bros Wii player…

The New Super Mario Bros Wii play-through video made by members of Nintendo‘s US developer crew, the Nintendo Treehouse, gives you a glimpse at some of the games secret areas and teaches you how to cleverly best bad guys.

But if you want to see something truly awe inspiring, try the video below which finds the developers playing a whole level by carrying and throwing a lifeless, lazy Luigi around.

Hopefully that’s plenty of excitement to be going on with while you wait for the game to arrive and for the mysterious new Mario game which Nintendo has in the works.

Out 20 November | £33 | Nintendo

  • Puddingprince101

    Nintendo did this game pretty good, I guess. I finished it last night. Well, actually, I used Super Guide on Bowser, but that’s beside the point. This game is DA BOM!

    • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

      I had to use the Super Guide to get through the boss level at the end of World 4. It felt like cheating but you know what? Life’s too short, and I got to play through all the rest of the game because of it. An excellent idea on Nintendo’s part.

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