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LG Watch PhoneWe were smitten with the LG Watch Phone when we finally got to slap one on our wrist back in August, but word is out that a sequel is on the way, as well as more new Android blowers, and that’s straight from the company itself.

Our friends over at Fonehome had a chat with LG’s UK sales and marketing director, John Barton, who promised more styles of the LG Watch Phone to go with the current GD910 that went on sale on Orange. Now that could mean a different shade of dead cow on the strap, or it could mean a fully blown LG Watch Phone sequel.

We’ve already seen competitors do more for less with Dick Tracy timepieces, so we’ve got our fingers crossed on a new look LG Watch Phone, with either an analogue clock face, or full on web browsing over 3G.

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Barton also let slip that a touchscreen only LG Android phone would arrive next year to join the LG GW620, though that could be the Snapdragon mobile LG HQ announced last week. Or hey, it could be the next LG Watch Phone, but we’re just thinking out loud here.

There’s no word on when a new LG Watch Phone would be officially unveiled, but the original appeared at CES 2009 in January. Could we see a new one in Las Vegas in less than two months’ time?

Out TBC | £TBC | LG (Via Fonehome)

  • stewart

    What about all the em radiation seeping in to ones arm? not for me!

    • Ben Sillis

      You never put your phone in your trouser pocket?

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