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HTC HD2We gave you the inside track on the HTC HD2 hitting Vodafone ahead of all other networks yesterday, and bang on time it’s hit the network officially. Vodafone is now selling the HTC HD2 free from a £35 per month.

The HTC HD2 contract is a two year version, but when you consider the phone’s pretty much the perfect Windows Mobile phone, it’s not such a hardship.

You’ll also find the HTC HD2 has a bonus 300 minutes slapped on its tariff, bringing the total to 900 minutes per month, along with unlimited calls to landlines, unlimited internet and e-mail. Oh, and did we mention Voda’s got it on sale a full two weeks ahead of everyone else? That’s not a bad bundle if you ask us.

Out now | Free on £35pm | Vodafone (via FoneHome)

  • James

    It’s not on their website unless they are hiding it

  • Jeremy

    The phone was on sale yesterday but now it’s gone. I’ve ordered one and vodafone now tell me they don’t actually have the phone, it’ll be coming in “sometime next week”. I feel like I’ve been swindled, especially as I have handed in my notice to o2.

    • James Holland

      I just checked Jeremy, and it’s definitely on sale now at that link. Maybe you got a confused customer service peep?

  • Bartek

    Hi, just to tell you vodafone never had HTC HD2 in stock, they were selling them but didn’t actually have them, I had very long conversation regarding my HTC HD2 that should be with me yesterday, today I got an email saying that HTC (manufacture) has big delay and soonest I will get my HTC HD2 is in early december, FOOK THAT!
    why are they selling mobile phones if they don’t have them in stock, when I ordered my HTC, they didn’t say anything!
    I hate them but there is nothing else to buy, all mobile phones suck compared to HTC HD2 and Iphone is a POS!

    • Bartek

      * I don’t hate HTC, I love it but I hate vodafone.

      • James Holland

        Hey Bartek, I had a call from Vodafone a few days ago. Apparently they sold out of HD2s pretty quick. They’ve “gone like hotcakes!” by all accounts.

        There’ll be more stock coming to the Vodafone store in mid-December, I’m told. Not that you didn’t already know that…. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything more. In the meantime, have a peep at our buddies over at FoneHome. They’ve got a hands-on video, which proves it really is worth waiting for!

  • stevejozef

    hundreds in Florida are waiting for the LEO since november 11.
    Waiting lists till jan 2010,hope mine arrive soon,unlocked U$ 800,=

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