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Boxee Box incoming!We told you back in January that a Boxee Box, offering all the internet TV goodness with none of the Apple TV hacking, could be on the cards, but now it’s official. The start-up will reveal its first foray into living room hardware next month! Time to up your game Apple – read on to find out why.

Media centre sensation Boxee has just confirmed it’s struck a deal with a consumer electronics company to make the Boxee Box, and while the specs and features are under wraps for now, all will be revealed on 7 December at an event in New York. So far, comment requests have called for everything from Netflix support to DVR skills, but Boxee is staying silent on details. Us, we’re hoping for iPhone app remote support.

Boxee planning own-brand set top box

There’s more though: this Boxee Box will only be the “first connected device” running Boxee, suggesting more STBs are on the way from the company next year, and it’s aiming to be “on every Connected device in the living room,” meaning we should see even more of Boxee on consoles and Blu-ray players shortly – it’s already available on PC, Linux and Mac in various testing forms, as well as on the Apple TV, which Apple has tried to prevent with updates.

We’ll bring you all the details on the Boxee box once it’s unveiled next month, and be sure to stop by the company’s stand at CES 2010 for you too.

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