Modern Warfare 2We told you yesterday about MP Keith Vaz’s attack on Modern Warfare 2 but it seems that not all his colleagues agree. Now a spat has started between Mr Vaz and Tom Watson, another publicity-loving Labour MP.  Read on and get ready to pick sides…

MP Keith Vaz, who has a longstanding dislike of computer games, slammed Modern Warfare 2 in The Daily Mail and promised to raise questions about the game’s controversial airport scene in Parliament. But some of his colleagues think he’s over-reacting.

“It carries a content warning and is an 18-plus game,” Tom Watson told Parliament. “It would be better for members of this house to support the many thousands of games designers and coders and the many millions of games users, rather than collaborating with the Daily Mail to create a moral panic over the use of video games.”

Vaz also found himself under fire from junior culture minister (and controversy magnet) Siôn Simon: “The game you refer to is a certificate 18 game. It should not be sold to children and the government’s job is to make sure that adults can get what adults should be able to.”

Watson has also set up a Facebook Group for gamers against anti-video game campaigns where he says: “Are you sick of UK newspapers and (my fellow) politicians beating up on gaming?” Looks like Watson fancies tapping into the gamer vote. If you could vote via Xbox Live, he might be on to something.

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