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LG GD510 Pop: hands-on photos!

The LG GD510 Pop phone has burst onto shop shelves, just in time for the Christmas rush, and we’ve gone hands on with it to give you a feel by proxy. Is this cheap and cheery phone the perfect pressie for you, or just a lame stocking filler? Read on and see.

We’re loving the feel of the LG GD510 Pop phone – it feels like a cross between an LG Arena and the recent Windows Mobile GM750 handset. Unfortunately, the 3-incher is missing the Wi-Fi and 3G of either, but it’s still a dab hand at multimedia, and we’ve seen worse than the three megapixel camera on board.

LG GD510 Pop solar powered phone unveiled

Savvy readers will remember the LG GD510 Pop has been primed to come with a solar powered back panel, which will get you just over two minutes of talk time for every ten minutes spent soaking up the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to test the cover out, but it will be made available (sold separately, we’re just clarifying prices now), just in time for that winter weather.

The LG GD510 Pop is on sale at the Carphone Warehouse for a shade under 100 notes on pay as you go today, so if you’re in the mood for a budget touchscreen blower, check out the pics right here and skedaddle down there stat!

Out Now | £99.95 | LG

  • http://www.lggd510pop.nl LG GD510 Pop

    Great phone in the tradition of the Samsung Star and LG Cookie. For me the LG Pop is a little too uncomplicated since a good Wi-Fi connection should really be available on a phone. What I like very much is the solar cell at the back of the phone. However if it sold as a cover that can be added later, how than should it carry its electricity to the phone battery?

  • http://------------------------------------- gd510

    there are four gold connectors just below where the battery + and – connect to the phone, my guess is that it’ll meet up to them.

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