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New MSN homepage adds Facebook and Twitter

Microsoft has just whipped the covers off a massive MSN homepage overhaul. Not content with throwing in a download and streaming service for the music tab, it’s pared the whole thing down while adding brand new features like Facebook integration, right from your start screen. Want to know how you can test it out now? Read on.

Head on over to http://preview.msn.com and you can get a glimpse of what the new MSN portal will look like. It’s a complete change from the clutterred blue page we’re used too, with plenty of white space, as well as the Bing search bar sitting pretty at the top.

MSN Musics adds free streaming

Look down to your right though on the new MSN homepage and where you once might have just seen your Windows Live ID email, you’ll now be able to flick through what’s going down on Twitter and Facebook too, and post straight away once you fire up your browser.

As MSN’s biggest revamp since the 90s, Microsoft isn’t just diving straight in, but testing it out via the preview page for the time being, with the aim to switch it out for the old MSN.com look some time next year. But hey, there’s nothing stopping you from using it right now, so jump on over and get a feel for it.

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