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Apple USBThe Beatles are still not on iTunes but following September’s major digital remasters, you can now nab their discography in a special limited edition Beatles Stereo USB apple. No really. Read on to find out what you get for your cash…

Itching to update your Beatles collection with their 14 remastered albums but not keen on losing all that space on your shelves. Apple Corps has a solution – purchase one of 30,000 limited edition Beatles Stereo USB apples.

The apple-shaped USB drive will come loaded with all 14 remastered Beatles titles as well as their sleeves, rare photos, expanded liner notes and the mini-documentaries bundled with each album.

Apple Corps promises a specially designed Flash interface for accessing the 16GB USB’s audio contents which will come with both FLAC 44.1khz 24bit and MP3 320kbps files.

The USB package is available to pre-order from the official Beatles online store now and will start shipping on December 7.

But why make the Beatles discography available in such a limited way? After going to the effort of making the catalogue available in digital formats, surely it makes sense to offer it elsewhere.

Could an iTunes release of The Beatles discography be due in January? We wouldn’t bet against it.

Out December 7 | £200 | The Beatles

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